05 October 2012


I have 2 of these what are they? Really want to get rid of them any suggestions on how to redo them? The top part comes of its like a plastic round ring then you are left with a wooden thing kinda like a milking stool. I had the geese displayed in it but want to paint it some how suggestions? The round frame thingy I think I'll just leave it as is. It can be either on or off but my main thing is what is this suppose to be and what can I do with it to sell it?
The top is open it could probably hold like a artificial xmas tree.

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30 September 2012

Once again.......

I'm missing out on alot of blogging friends post and creativity because it is on facebook and no mention of it on there blogs.  I don't get on facebook much but always check the blogs.  Please people can you copy and paste your facebook post for those of us that don't like or don't have facebook so we won't miss out????

Help deleting???

Hi all, I had like 20 post show up from a site I don't remember signing up to follow.  The problem is this site does not apperar in my reading list and when I click on the entries there is no place to unfollow.  These articles are about traveling and are very long, this is the first time it's happened so maybe its a fluke.  Suggestions or thoughts anyone?

26 September 2012

Just another picture of how I'm displaying Mr. Boo who I won from Vickie at
http;//Vicky-myart.blogspot.com Love this display. Thanks Vicky

25 September 2012

Silly me, look what arrived

Major blonde moment, I have been wicked busy latly, and about 2 weeks ago (at least ) there was a package stuck in my door.  I had been waiting for a bundle of boxes assuming it was them I just put them up.  Well I went to get a box today and when I opened it it was my win from Vickie.  This guy is really big can't wait to display it,  I don't think Vicki sews much but the bat was sewed to prim perfection, love how the gauze is draped over the ghost.  She also included a yummy cider candle and a sunflower towel.  I'm lovin the sunflowers this time of the year.  Thanks Vicki I luv it all great work sorry I'm just finding it.

24 September 2012


Tryin to use up some of my supplies so I did up a couple of electric candle gatherings.  Love how they came out with my homemade silicone bulbs. SIMPLIFY but in my opinion Primnastic

02 September 2012

Tag win

I won these to tags from Silvia (I think thats her name couldn't read the signature),  these tags are amazing and the person in the Photo is real and has a great story behind her.. So neat I din't have anything altered art so this is a unique thing for me.  I think I'll hang them of a peg shelf.  Thanks I love them

01 September 2012

Amazing trade from Yorkiesprimitives

Wow was I suprised when I came home from working the farmers market today.  Earlier I had asked if anyone wanted to swap some springs(still have alot more)for whatever and Valerie said Yes. I sent her a box full and commented how much I liked this picnicing crows on her esty site and that is what she send me!!! I was very suprised not to mention happy.  They are so cute on a vintage rollerskate.  What a unique craft this is.  I have moved it like 4 times but I think it is going to stay on the window with my other swaps and win items.  www.yorkiesprimitives.etsy.com to see more of her OOAK creations.  Plus I asked for some help on my blog and she helped me.  Blogging friends are the best I wish they were real well real life friends.

31 August 2012

Removing Gadget question

Hi all, I have pinwheels on my blog and while I love them, Its been brought to my attention its messing up the comments.  Can someone please tell me how to remove them?  I thought I had it figured out but removed the wrong thing.  I don't want to remove anything but the pinwheels.

30 August 2012

Stencil Questions

Hi everyone, I have been buying my stencils but would like to make my own any suggestions?  I' m looking for a machine the only ones I know of are the Silouette and the cricuit are there others?  For those of you that make the great sign and shelve sitter blocks the pros and cons of the items you use would be helpful.  I will be doing alot of research on the machine before I purchase so no hurry.  I really like the silouette but looks a little complicated but they have online classes so maybe thats the dirrection to go but dont really need all the extras it does just want a SIMPLE machine for  steciling.... Thanks

28 August 2012

Stencil choices

Hello everyone, I love stenciling and have purchased many but would love to make my own.  Opinions on machines and ease of use wanted.  I know the cricuit and the Siloutte is out there but they both have there limits are there others/.  Any information greatly appreciated.  I have been researching this idea for awhile and want real peoples opinion

Testing Picture size

16 August 2012

New PC up and somewhat running

Let the fun begin seems alot faster, but getting everything set-up will take some time still can't get email yet was using outlook switching to Windows live I think (outlook won't load) will work on email 2morrow

04 August 2012

organization pin done

Well one more done of my to list, simple but it still counts in my book.  Not sure if i had the actual pin but was seen on pininterest pretty self explanatory wooden dowels and a storage bin with holes on all sides (got at Walmart)

27 July 2012

Please start blogging your post that your facebooking

Hi, I am missing alot of new stuff from my blogging buddies.  I don't check there facebook pages often cause I like blogging better for creative stuff; so please if you put it on facebook please blog about it.  Some are saying it takes longer to load pictures on blogger maybe it does but I would love to see the creativity on the blog sites.  Just my opinion.  What do you all think?

24 July 2012

Pinterest projects complete

I have so many things pinned on pinterest its time to either make them or get them out of there.  So I am committed for every 2 or 3 I pin I have to make something already pinned. The Toilet paper roll holder love this holds 2 rolls made from oatmeal container.  Primitive snowballs made from balled up newspaper and layers of joint compound. Silicone bulbs (great money saver) nightlight bulbs dipped in clear silicone.  Last up is a redo box it was redish with some tacky fabric on the cover repainted it and placed wallpaper border over it.  Love how it came out if you want any info on the pinterest stuff check out my pinterst board for the original post and for the original credits or just ask and I can get it.

14 July 2012

Snowman candbar wrapper can't find

Does anyone have a copy or know where I can get one of the printable snowmen candybar wrapper for the hershey bar.  I have tried to find it but all the links I goggled wouldnt let me download it.  It dsays free printable but can't download it.

13 July 2012

Thrifty Finds

Super excited over this whole crate of blocks for $5.00 .  I cant wait to make some Prim blocks which I never have before cause I dont do power tools.

Sheep box was very dirty, didn't think I could clean it up thought it would be a redo, but cleaned up nicely and whats even better its full of metal cookie cutters which will look cute wrapped with homespun.  It was only $1.00.

Basket of Snowmen also a $1.00. I really like them but don't really do seasonal decor, might need to start but will probably end up trading it or selling it at a show.

Now on to Friday the 13th.   I decided to wax my truck. I had it halve done and needed to stop and do something else so I went back to do it and instead of spraying the spray wax I sprayed the tire magic and waxed it on and off then moved on to the next part before I realized it.  Thought you all could use a laugh I blame it on the heat not the blonde of my hair...

10 July 2012

Thanks Ellie

Recently, I asked if anyone wanted to swap anything for springs, I have plenty (still have more)  and look what Ellie Tighe sent me.  She does amazing work, the sheep was weighted and the crow is so pretty.  She asked what I liked and WoW she really made my day Thanks Ellie what a great swap

28 June 2012

Week vacation find

 Well I've been on vacation this week and it has poured the whole time.  I had to get out of the house today and I'm I glad I did.  i found this set of Canisters for a little over $8.00.  When i got them home it said Currier & Ives.  Lokked them up and there around $40.  Think  I Scored there. Keeping them!!1
These were under $1.00 each.  Love the cobalt pot it will match my ceramic cobalt ones perfect and it's plastic so I won't have to be careful with it.  Sure looks ceramic to me.  That rock planter was just to neat to pass on.  the heart thingy is gonna get a redo.

Anyone Need Springs?

Please help me out I have over 100 of these and would love to trade some of them for anything......  They would make great sitters with the fall season and xmas approaching.

How to stop following blogs?

Hi everyone, there are some blogs I don't want to follow anymore, how do I  delete them when theres no unscribe button/  Thanks

19 June 2012

Look what arrived

My win from Brenda at the Rusty Thimble!!!!!! This is primnastic, she does great work and its so nice. Love the snuff jar the flowers are in too.  It arrived a little early for my birthday (it's friday) but this was a great present!

14 June 2012

Thrifty Finds

Mouse .99  Bicycles $1.69 Scoop $1.49 (needs a Redo) soap pump (needs Prim Label) .69 great finds

01 June 2012

I won and check out my pinwheels on my blog

Super excited to have won Rusty Thimbles sunflowers in the vintage stuff jar, I am very unlucky and I believe this is my first win of the year.  I adore these sunflowers!  Also my  mystery angel but these really cool americana pinwheels on my blog.  It is so neat to log in and see them.  So fun to be suprised.  I have been working about 60 hrs and I'm so tired but I always make time to read blogs.  Thanks everyone I really enjoy blogging

27 May 2012

Wow Look at this....

My swap partner Kendra spoiled me rotten, look at this amazing Uncle Sam doll.  I don't have anything like this it has inspired me to do an Americana shelf.   i want to learn how to do the nose stiching. I have been working my full time job plus the greenhouse and its crazy this time of year but will make time to place these items somewhere.
Love the sheep stichery , only have one other stichery .  The prim note pad is Fabulous.  This was such a fun swap and great getting to know Kendra.  Thanks Val for hosting this swap!!!

01 May 2012

Iced Coffee Recipe

I don't drink this stuff, but alot of my coworkers do.  Brew a pot of coffee let cool, pour in pitchure add 1 can of sweeten condensed milk.  Store in fridge.  Some add 2T ovf vanilla extract.  They say its pretty good.... 

30 April 2012

Old Road Primitive Pattern

Yay I won my choice of a pattern from Kim.  There was alot to pick from at first I wanted an easy one, but I fell in love with the Farm Fresh Hen pattern so wish me luck I'm gonna attempt to make it. No I will make it.  She said it was about average so I'm Gonna make it.  I'm sure it won't be perfect but it will be made. 
http://www.oldroadprimitives.com/catalog.php?item=185 Check out the pattern here and all the ones I had to pick from.  Thanks Kim

21 April 2012

Not liking the new Blogger

Wow , this is gonna take some getting use too.  Can't scroll down unless I view in Goggle reader which seems to take forever.  Anyone else having issues?

18 April 2012

How to turn bunnies into sheep......

Wow the bunnies on my blogs are now sheep!!!!!  I wonder who my mysterious angel is that keeps helping me???  I just want to say thank you to all my blogging friends.  I have learned so much from all of you, but the main thing is the friendship and the encouragement I have recieved.  Thank You all

Great Idea

Hi, all thought I would share this wonderful upcycle.  You know those ugly bathroom clocks, well look how pretty they become once you tear them apart and download a clock face from Primdoodles.  Be carful to lay the hands out the way you remove them, I can't get the Minute Maid one to work but lovin the other one, alot of faces to pick from and best of all it's FREE..  I used Cardstock but I think I'll try PhotoPaper to make it a little brighter next time

12 April 2012

Rusty Safty Pins

Hi, I have looked everywhere for uncoated safety pins to rust, does anyone have an online source or better yet any uncoated for sale?  The plated ones just won't coat for me using bleach and vinegar.

09 April 2012

freezer paper question

I. Was just wondering when your printing on fabric if your suppose to haave it sett to cardstock? I am having a hard time getting it through the printer. 2 out 3 seem to jam up. Any suggestions

Thrift store find, need advice

I got this today for only .99!  I need to prim it up!!! Would like to keep the white overdress and white pantas, but the rosy underdress needs to go.  I was hoping to dye it brown but thats not working, anyone know where I can get a simple dress pattern?  The ribbons are gonna dissapear also.  The brown yarn hair is what I would like advice on.  Any ideas anyone, I am thinking maybe to cover it up with a bonnet? Ps I love her brown felt like shoes.  Great find on this just needs a little Prim  Magic

08 April 2012

Feedsack pillow

When I first got this pattern, I was confused, I thought there would be a pattern with the graphics, but that just made me challange myself to figure it out.  Very happy with the way they turned out but my printer didn't like loading the material, I think I had Onsenburg instead of Muslin.  This is 2 of a set of 4 patterns that came from Samantha.  Proud of myself this weekend with the Naptime bunny (Grr) and pillows both done satisfactory but not perfect completed, alll stuff I've never tried before.  Oh and I also learned how to use the automatic threader on my sewing machine!!!

Snowy Easter here!!!

4-6 inches and windy gotta love Maine, the way life should be motto doesn't quite fit today, Happy Easter All.

07 April 2012

Naptime Bunny

Well heres my version, I have alot of mistakes but I just wanted to prove to myself I could do it, but I think I'll stick to bigger items.

05 April 2012

Multiple pictures?

Hi evryone, Is there a way to upload more then 1 photo at a time? I always do one upload go back and get the others. I tried holding down the Ctrl button but that didn't work. Thanks

28 March 2012

Anyone need springs?

Hi, everyone, I have over 100 of these, I got a new couch and surprise these were in my old one! I will never use all of them and would love to trade them. Not fussy love crows sheep and I really want a mouse anything prim or whatever. Please someone help me get rid of some of them.
Just let me know how many you want and what you want to trade more them likely I'll say YES. Please repost on your blogs.

27 March 2012

Wow bunnies on my blog.............

Oh my there sure are some sweet people in blogland, I just looked at my blog and the st pattys days shamrocks are gone and the bunnies appeared!!! I couldn't figure out how to remove them but I asked for help and magically the cute little bunnies appeared. I think Prim Doddles might be the mystery bunny. Thanks a million and more mystery bunny.......

22 March 2012

My Town

As of noon the bridge is closed and school was let out early to get everyone home safe. I live in the country the bridge is in town but it happens every year will this be ther year it goes???

16 March 2012

Antique Annies pattern?

Hi, recently I have seen some patterns from antique Annies on others blog but can't seem to locate them to purchase. I have tried google searching but to much comes up. Does anyone know the link to order her patterns?

13 March 2012

Pc update, Grunge jar update, and Kindle fire update

My pc went to the pc doctor(a different one this time)last thursday. Oor around $100 It's running much better. Comes to find out just needed more RAM no idea why the first pc doc didn't check that. Oh well its workin fine now.
Tried the grungy jar thing again. Painted the jar brown then sprinkled it with coffee grounds. That left a few spots that needed touchups which I waited for it to dry then sprayed clear coat then sprinkled the grounds again. This is the best method I have found thanks for sharing but the touchups were kinda hard.
Still can't scroll down on the blogs but I found out Crafty Stichers
is also having the same promblem. I guess thats good news cause hopefully that means its the system and not us. Anyone else having this problem or is anyone not having this promblem???

11 March 2012

Viewing blogs on Kindle fire

Hi, hoping someone can help me when I first viewed blogs on my kindle it was fine but now I cant seem to get the bar to that is on the sides between blog and items and between items and the other one towards the right of the screen. The last one is there. I can only see like 2 or 3 blogs and cant scroll below them. I have tried reloading but it must be in the settings but cant figure out. Can anyone Please help?

06 March 2012

Factory Restore PC

Hi, I think I'm gonna try this this weekend, please wish me luck as I might dissappear for awhile but this is my last resort...........

05 March 2012

White Sheep Farm blog question

Hi when I try to read the post it's saying by invitation only, I have been following and its showing up in my blog listing, no idea whats going on, does anyone know how I can request an invition I cant get the email address without going to the blog. Thanks

04 March 2012

Xmas Tree Shop

Hi, went to the xmas tree shop which is 3 hrs away (Northern maine has nothing) and i think I got some Great deals. First up is this tin Lamps priced at $14.99 down to &9.99 got to register and they were only 4.99 so I had to go get 2 more total of 4 of them. Here is what they look like tear of that label and print new one and its now Primmed.

Then I got 4 of these birdhouse candle lights priced at 2.99 marked down to $1.49. I love how they have an on and off switch in the back.
Paper mache boxes $1.60 round one was .99

No idea why this rang up as .99 also
These were $2.50 marked down to 1.25 also got a few other things........