12 April 2012

Rusty Safty Pins

Hi, I have looked everywhere for uncoated safety pins to rust, does anyone have an online source or better yet any uncoated for sale?  The plated ones just won't coat for me using bleach and vinegar.


  1. Maybe Factory Direct Crafts. I have a recipe for my nails:
    2 cups peroxide
    2 Tablespoons salt
    add 1/4 cup vinegar (mixture will foam)
    let sit 2 to 3 days
    air dry
    Keep away from pets and wildlife.

  2. I use the plated ones, can't find any others, I leave mine in the bleach and vinegar for about 3 days, then lay out in the sun for a few more days and mine get nice and rusty. The first time I tried it, I didn't leave them long enough and they were still silver.

  3. I know they take a along time ~ but watch carefully or they will fall apart.
    Good Luck!
    Prim Blessings

  4. Hi Tam,
    I don't use the bleach/vinegar recipe. I purchase the safety pins from dollar tree and soak them in a mix of 1cup peroxide 1/2cup white vinegar and 2tbs salt for two days~ then lay them out to dry on newspaper. They turn out perfectly rusty every time. Give it a try some time.

  5. Peroxide & apple cider vinegar & salt worked for me, but you have to leave them set in it for at least 3 days. I keep the brew under the sink in a glass jar with a lid for the next batch. When I spread them out to dry, I sprinkle more salt on them. Good luck! ~*~Lisa