30 June 2011

Which one? Magnetic tag addiction

Hi trying

to decide which way to use the star advice wanted. The white top or the black? I am addicted to these hang-tags

. All you do is print on magnetic paper............

29 June 2011

candle redo opnion

Hi, everyone you all know them UGLY plain white electric candles well here it is spray painted black (I think I need to put a coat of sealer on it)and a little crow shade. I like it much better but still a little plain so I want to add some sort of base. Was thinking a flat basket or wooden tray but then how (is it possible) to run the cord thru a hole in the back of the tray/basket? I really don't want it over the side! I tried tearing a couple of them apart at xmas time for jar lights but that was a costly lesson learned, they never worked.

27 June 2011

Swap from CatNip Prim and tag magnet

Oh my how I love this wooden plate matches my shelve perfectly, Awhile ago I asked if anyone would do a swap and Cat-nap primitives came through. I absolutely adore this as I have no wooden plates and I use to show sheep, she also send me my first pillow tuck. Thanks what a great swap partner she was.

A couple of days ago Tina from Tattered Sisters showed us a tag magnet, here's my version, all I did was take a business card magnet and glued this tag to it, I still need to trim it. I tried one with modge podgein over it but the ink ran. I think I'll get some magnetic paper and try printing directly on it. I wish they had magnetic paint like the chalkboard paint.

Vacation week

On my to do list, mulch gardens, trim trees, paint steps, get Tonto cover installed, dog to have teeth removed, kitchen wallpaper, and strip downstairs hall wallpaper, wash rugs, mop floors, ha I wonder what will get done but the reason for this post was to take a break and show you some pictures of last years gardens.

Oh my i see the tree line that needs to be trimmed back to work I go!
After viewing this post I'm gonna take new pictures after I get them all don it might motivate me..

My version of aged Jars

I want to thank Simpler Times for sharing this idea and including the labels, this is my version.. In her version she used cheesecloth and twine which I am going to do with pickle jars. I used paint on the inside to make them look used and I really shouldn't have covered the covers. I'm sure in the old days they would have just used the cheese cloth. Oh wee I like how they came out and will make more........

26 June 2011

Block Help

Hi everyone, asking for some help again (thanks in advance0 I had a friend who asked me If I could make her a stack of blocks similar to the ones I received from Dee Begg she would like a crow stencil and some sayings so my question is where can I order the stencils and where to you get the block wood? I checked Lowes but I don't think I looked in the right spot (what is the block wood called). Any help is greatly appreciated.

25 June 2011

Package from Lil Raggie Angie

I asked if anyone would be willing to do a swap with me last weekend and Angie and a few others said Yes. I'm redoing my kitchen and this stuff is just what I was hoping to get. Prim baby and prim cloth will probable stay together on a black shelve, all the cutters will be used to make dough ornies (love to make them)and I didn't have any of those cutters. The cookie press mold will probable be used for that also, but I might try cookies since it came with a recipe book. Thanks allot Angie. I love all your stuff.

23 June 2011


I hate this look, so I painted it white again then I will sand edges, I think my sand paper is the wrong texture any ideas what might have gone wrong? Viewing the picture it doesn't look to bad for the first try but I'm gonna try again I don't like it

22 June 2011

yardsale update/wallpaper

Hi, all I just decided to paint it white, I have the first coat on gonna do a second coat then sand the edges, that's antiqued right? Not liking it at this time but I'm learning. I am loving my wall paper before painted red (kitchen) going to this what I think looks like whitewashed barn-board. What's all your opinion on both post?

21 June 2011

Birthday gift

My birthday is Wednesday, look

what my nephew got me. so primitive, someday I'll make these!

Secret Swap Goodies Arrived

What a great surprise for the first day of summer! When I saw it was from Dee Begg I couldn't wait to open it! I even made the dogs wait to go out. I have always loved her stuff and all her post this was as great as I expected all summertime themed. I love how the stars spell out USA, the watermelons are so unique and the 3 block signs I like how they can be stacked or used separately. I can't wait for the kitchen redo to get all my recent swaps or trades/wins in place. Right now the kitchen walls are a sponged Red it's going to what looks like white washed barn board wallpaper. Will take pictures Thanks Dee I Love them!

20 June 2011

Vickie's win arrived and yardsale find

My first blog win has arrived from Vickies art and its even cuter in person then the picture. I love them thanks Vicky she send me 2 sets! I think I'll take them to work and set them on my desk.

.50 cent yard sale find. I'm gonna attempt to antique it (never tried before) Basically what I think I need to do is Step 1= Sand it, Step 2=Stain it, Step 3= Paint it, Step 4= Sand edges is this kinda correct?

19 June 2011

Anyone up for a trade? UPDATED

Just letting you know the strawberry fixins and the blue sign have been traded, but the others are still available!Please help me clean house! See post below. Thanks Tamara

18 June 2011

Anyone up for a trade?

Hi everyone made to many country fixins skillets so I have 4 I would like to trade (with 4 different people). I have vanilla velvet, juniper breeze, cucumber melon, and of course cinnamon. I am most interested in sewn prim items for my kitchen cupboard tugs etc. let me know what you have available also up for trade is a

primmy border sign stained see pictures

me at tammysue@mfx.net if your interested. Thanks

17 June 2011

Pipberry Help

Hi, everyone I need a little help. I have some Pip berry garland and I want to make some flower arrangements with it so I need to turn them into picks. My thinking is to cut of a piece off and floral tape it to a skewer. I'm sure people have taken apart the garland before any other suggestions on a way to make them into picks/ Thanks everyone for all your ideas and suggestions!

13 June 2011

Thank You Vicki's Art

I am very excited to have won these great firecrackers from Vicky! I have been blogging since January and this is my first win. What a great day this turned out to be! Thanks