26 February 2012

Grungy Jar Update

Don't ask......... Plain wooden thrift store find $2.00. Afterwords priceless, think I'll use it as a flower box

23 February 2012

Grungy jar help

Once again, I'm asking all my primnastic blogging friends for help. I tried awhile back to grungy jars/cans what am I doing wrong? I have tried the modge podge method, spray paint then sprinkling on stuff, the only thing I found that works is the textured rustolium paint (but that costly). I think I will try again this weekend with the modge podge and let dry good in between coats. It was quite awhile ago I tried and don't think I let them dry. That's the only thing I can think of,this shouldn't be this complicated. Any tips anyone?

19 February 2012


The wonderful team is at again, with a chance to win 33 prizes. Amazing. Please click on the link on my sidebar to get entered. You don't want to miss out.

12 February 2012

new Blog Header

Hi everyone, please check out my new blog header from Prim Doodles, She was great walking me through how to do it, I told her what I liked and it was Perferct. Thanks a million and more its PRIMNASTIC.

05 February 2012

More Redos

A simple stained stool cost 3.00 at Salvation Army transformed with Primmy stencil.
Next up a letter/Tv remote divider box for $300 just stenciled it up, the back of the box can hold the dividers

First Sewing attempt

Didn't really follow Samanthas pattern but it inspired me, this is what my version of her Kleenex holder is, I simplified it. Not bad for my first try I wish the apron was higher and don't really like how the arms are attached. Another thing is the doll doesn't really sit that good on the kleenexbottom not sure how to fix it but overall I'm pleased.