29 May 2011


Well it's pouring here in Maine so I wasn't needed in the greenhouse, so I tried making room sprays. I really should have been cleaning but I didn't! I have a whole bunch of crafting supplies and haven't been able to do any for a month. Summer I don't do crafts but I had to try these.

I have been reading everyone's blog but I don't have anytime to comment. Sorry but I enjoy them everyday after 10 hrs of work.

20 May 2011

Sewing Help

Hi, everyone as some of you know I would like to get back into sewing and need some advice. I have 2 mini sewing machines (the kind used for scrap booking I think)and was wondering if those would work to attempt small bowl fillers. I have a bigger one on order ( basic computerized one cant wait) but thought it might be easier to use the small one. What does everyone use to do small SIMPLE stuff, my thinking is the stitches might not be right on the smaller machines, I dont have anything to lose by trying but just want some advice. Thanks

17 May 2011

swap goodies arrived

I am so happy with my swap goods from Linda Tuyls. She must know I haven't mastered sewing yet everything I Love. I really wanted a prim doll and look here is one!

the sheep came from her too! Check out the bowl fillers, so cute the ladybugs are so sweet and the sunflowers, love the sewed items!

Can't forget the plant pokes, now if only my flowers would bloom, well at least I can look at the plant pokes. Thanks Alot Linda. I will learn how to sew gonna try this sheepy!

15 May 2011

Pay It Foward

Sunday, May 15, 2011
Pay it Forward

I'm doing a pay it forward (that I signed up with with Amy)
Here's how it works......

The first five people who comment on this blog post...will receive a handmade gift from me !!

In return, you must write a blog post explaining Pay It Forward and send out little gifts to the first five visitors who leave a comment on your post. Don't be stressed...there is no need to send out the gifts all today or tomorrow.. No pressure. This should be a joyful experience. If you are one of the first 5 to sign up email me your address and blog url to tammysue@mfx.net

14 May 2011

Consignment forum

Hi, everyone if anyone wants a copy of consignment forums just let me know, its a great forum and I'll email it to you in PDF forum. Please let people know.

10 May 2011

So busy

I love summer but I don't get much crafting done. I work my weekends in the greenhouse which I love but that doesn't give me any time to craft. On a positive note I have allot of supplies coming in but to busy to use them so I guess it's not that positive. Oh well I guess I'll just keep reading all the blogs and book mark all the ideas and get busy this fall!

04 May 2011

Wish I could sew!

I see all these amazing sewing projects from you all and I'm so jealous, all the primmy dolls, sheep just everything you guys are all very talented! I took sewing in high school and have a machine but don't think I could attempt all those wonderful projects you do. I wish I could because I love prim stuff and so expensive to purchase but I don't dare try to make them. I think I might try just some fabric bowl fillers and see how they come out when I find some time. Wish me luck. If you know of any simple patterns please let me know.