31 December 2011

Can you find anything.......... Part 1

It has been about a year since I started going all prim, can anybody find any of the prim items that have been made by them, almost all have either been swaps, trades, wins, or inspired by you all? Thank you all for making my prim dreams (the whole house) off to a great start looking foward to 2012.

Thrift Store finds

Plus a grater and a candle saltbox light all for 4.60. Good finds today

Thrift Store Finds

What I've been up to

Just some stuff I've been working on, focusing on using what I have, doing some organizing in the craft room and trying to get some of the stuff used up.

21 December 2011


My truck I got back in may was smashed into Saterday morning by 2 young kids. It has over 7000 in damage and will be about a month before it gets back. The reason for this post is I am so thankful noone was serious hurt. As much as I loved the truck it can be replaced but lives cant. Thank you god for looking out for everyone.

07 December 2011

Coal cookie recipe?

Hi, I saw a coal cookie recipe in blog land somewhere and thought I saved it but can't find it anyone know where it came from? I know I can Google and find the recipes but I want this one it looked like it was wrapped in black cellophane. Thanks

05 December 2011

painting Ice Skate question

Hi, I have been looking everywhere for a tutorial on these but no luck, can anyone tell me what kind of paint to use or anything for help would be greatly appreciated

07 November 2011


I'm so busy I don't know if I found a rope or lost my horse..........

20 October 2011

Crafty Stitchers Swap GREATIES

Recently I won a a wonderful Halloween bag holder from her, and i saw on her blog how she needed spools, well i have tons of them but wasn't sure they was want she wanted but I sent her a picture and she agreed to swap, I really didn't care what she sent me cause i love everything she post on but this was fabulous. My first prairie dress! I was so ecstatic when I saw this still am!! The colors are amazing eventually when I get my kitchen back together I think I'll hang it on a peg rack, but I wanted it up ASAP so this is its temporary home. She also sent me the little prim doll with a neat nametag. Sarah colors match perfect and she looks primnastic with the all her friends. Wow it feels like xmas can't wait to get everything hung back up and organized. Thanks all my blogging friends you guys ALL make my day.

Ginas Bing win

Hi, I participated in a fun Bingo that Gina hoste (Cat nap Prim), I didn't win but I think she felt bad for me and sent me the bobby prize. The dough fall bowl fixing are coated with wax they should last for ever, and i just love the 2 kitchen towels they were wrapped in look how great they match my half-done kitchen, she must have done her homework and really took the time to get to know me. Thanks Gina I Love them.

The last 2 pictures are just to show how perfect the colors match my kitchen

18 October 2011

Yard Sale Re-do

This was a plain wooden box that was used on back of a 4 wheeler (cost $5.00), It's amazing what a piat brush and stencil can do!

11 October 2011

Truckin candy

These were a good seller last year so I thought I'd try 2 more.

09 October 2011

My weekend project

Painting a bright blue gloss hall to a flat pale yellow. What a project!

07 October 2011

Crafty Sticher Win Arrived

This is way to cute! I hung her up ASAP and company came over and wanted it, Thanks I love it!

05 October 2011

My poor Pukin Pumpkins

Well I hope this makes you laugh, that's all I got for today,,,,,,,

02 October 2011

LUCKY me I won the giveaway from Crafty stitchers

Wow, good luck comes my way, I won the raggedy bag holder from Crafty stitchers. This will be my first Raggedy... So excited I have been so busy just finished up 4 Halloween candy mugs this morning for a show . Please tell me what you think I should ask for them. The price I had in mind a couple was saying was to cheap. I figure i only have around 4ish in them (I'm a thrifty shopper) but what would you give for them

Weekly Bing Prize Win and Envelope Swap

I was lucky and won the weekly Bingo drawing over on the Prim Pals forum, Look at all the wonderful goodies Ginny sent me, the lights are silicone dipped. Thanks Ginny for hosting the weekly drawing.
i participated in the envelope swap on the forum also and was lucky to have Allison, I had never heard of her and don't know if she blogs but she really took the time to find out about me because everything she sent was Primnastic. Thanks Allison

27 September 2011

New Idea

Well candles aren't selling we,,. everyone seems to like tart/melts better which I sell allot of but not very profitable, so I thought I'd try doing the jar candles up in basket.........

26 September 2011

Bad Blogging order experience,

Please everyone what is your opinion on this? My understanding was after she messed up the orders my was gonna be shipped on Monday the19th





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From: Tammy Closson
To: "Janice Hough"
Date: Monday, September 26, 2011, 10:27 PM

This was the message I recieved from you on Friday September 16th, saying it would be shipped Monday the 19th, and that it was ready so now your telling me it's not even made the order was placed the money order was mailed 8-23 and you said you recieved it that Friday but due to the hurricane you had to get out, then I recieved my second order but not the first I'm trying to be understanding that the orders got mixed up but you stated you would mail it Monday (see below) now I ewill not have it in time to do what I wanted with it for the show and you don't seem to care.
----- Original Message -----
From: Janice Hough
To: Tammy Closson
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2011 7:47 PM
Subject: Re: Re:

Tammy, I am so sorry . It seems having two of your orders together confused me and I just forgot one it seems. I will get them to you. It will Monday before I can mail them.. I'm getting you a box ready now. I honestly thought I mailed them to you since this order was placed before the one you just got. You should get your order sometime this week. Thanks, Janice

--- On Fri, 9/16/11, Tammy Closson wrote:

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24 September 2011

PAFA win arrived

Scary Cat loves his new home. Thank you Vicki for donating this great prize for the PAFA drawing. He loves his new home and also that tart smells wonderful my niece thought it was lip gloss and tried to get it out of the container, ha no worries now its burning Yummy.

20 September 2011

Oh Humbug

Must learn to wait for paint to dry, grubbing up some glass jars and cans but didn't wait long enough between coats and messed them up so started over, Oh well

This image from Graphic Fairy is suppose to go on it....Stay tuned

18 September 2011

Pinterest help PLEASE

Hi, all can anyone tell me how to get the pinterest button back? I had my pc worked on and now I can't pin anything the pin it button doesn't show up, all my files are still there but I cant seem to figure out how to get the button back so I can pin new stuff. Please someone have the answer....

I won PAFA

I am so excited to find out I won 3rd place in the drawing, It has been a long weekend doing a trash/treasure and craft fair all in one, didn't make much after both fee but this more then made up for it, thanks PAFA team!

14 September 2011

Happiness swap arrived

I came home from work a little early today with a sore throat, I just wanted to sleep it off, but to by surprise my Happiness swap fro Lori frisch had arrived. Of course I had to open it and now I'm to excited to sleep. i told her I loved prim and she made me this doll that matches my kitchen perfectly it's my 3rd Prim doll. I love the crow embroidery that's my second piece of stitchery I have received but not quite sure how to display it suggestions please? The Halloween ribbon is perfect for my Halloween candy bouquets. I adore the brown ribbon from japan. It will come in handy in prim crafting along with the gingham ribbon and spool. The pink wall hanger will look good with some sweet annie or pipberries. What a great package thank you it's PRIMNASTIC!

04 September 2011

Putka winner announcement

Hi, kinda disappointing when I only had 7 people enter for a total of 12. I didn't reach 50 but the random pick was number 8. Tamara from COUNTRY AT HEART is the winner. I want to thank Before the Dawn for helping me use the random pick so I will send her some pods too! When I went to capture the results to post the actual picture I couldn't figure out how not to get the whole page all I wanted was the chart. Thanks to all that entered my blog is about sharing and helping not selling. I still have some putka pods left and would love to trade with any of you 7. Please email me Tamera and Before the Dawn and let me know if you prefer skillet, carrot shaped clear bag, or rustic jar and your addresses.

01 September 2011

Random number generator Help

Could someone please explain how to use this? I am hosting my first giveaway and would like to try it. Thanks

27 August 2011

The Barn Hollow: First Barn Hollow Giveaway

The Barn Hollow: First Barn Hollow Giveaway: Hello Everyone, This is the just the beginning.  For our first giveaway we are starting with something small and simple.  We will be givin...

Putka Pod Giveaway Time!!!

Hi, all I will be giving away putka pods to celebrate 50 followers. This is more of a way to say thanks to everyone for all there help and wonderful ideas. I love reading all the blogs and really get inspired. The giveaway will consist of the winners choice of putka pods either in a jar,skillet, carrot bag plus additional fall goodies. I will post the pictures hopefully tomorrow. To enter just be a follower, if you post on your sidebar another entry, plus (this one o me means the most) if you have done a swap with me 2 extra entries. Total entries would be 4. Let me know in your comment on this post only how many times your entered as this is my first giveaway and will be writing down all the names and drawing the old fashion way. I might end up giving away 2 if I reach 70 the drawing will take place Sunday the 3rd. Good Luck all and Thanks

23 August 2011


Hi all, I just wanted to say thanks for everything with my first giveaway. When I reach 50. Will post more on the prizes this weekend. I hope you guys like putka pods. I just got some in bulk so they will be part of the prize. PLEASE ENTER THE CONTEST ON THE OTHER POST, (but I have you down for the ones that entered here)

16 August 2011

Putka pod question?

I am really lovin these, but the cheapest I can find them is like $8.00 a lb with shipping (of course I live in Northern Maine) . Would anyone care to share there sources and what exactly are these cuties and why so costly???

13 August 2011

Homemade chalkboard paint link recipe

Hi all just wanted to share this, i know allot of you love chalkboard paint. I haven't gotten into that yet but here is a very cheap recipe and seems like everyone loves it!

12 August 2011

CatNap primitive Surpise Package

Hi, all, I feel kinda of silly awhile back I did a swap with Gina and I guess I totally forgot! I had to email her when I received this package to make sure it was for me.... This was such a wonderful surprise. I cant wait to get the stuff all in their places but have allot to do before then. I dont have any cats so I luv this newbie, and

the pillow will go great when the laundry room gets done! The journal I ordered from Theresa Ick its so tiny and cute. Great day thanks all

07 August 2011

Thank Prim Pantry

Wow the Prim Pantry just posted this free printable, here it is already to be hung it's number one of the set I think. Thanks for sharing

Swap with Lauri Frisch

Lauri had wanted my snowmen basket I had up for swap, so I swapped with her for this set of Hanukkah dolls that she made. These are really cute, I think I'll display them in one of my many baskets. Thank you Lauri my new Prim Pal friend!
Oops forgot to save the rotated picture, ha its sideways just like me! She also sent me a ribbon from Tinsel Trading its Japanese silk.

What I've been working on

This was 2 seperate thift store finds in the same day, how perfect spent $1.39 for vase $1.OO for Gigantic Sunflower. Taking to craft fair.

A Couple Lamp baskets I made, The one with the birds is real pretty lit up, the other one not liking it much.

The next item was a redo, it was an ugly shade of white with something funky

stenciled on top, I primmed it up and added a label now it's pretty n prim!

03 August 2011

01 August 2011

I won a contest!

Hi everyone, the country primitive place had a name this contest and my name
Chicks-n-Grits had the most votes! I am very honored as there were allot of good suggestions. Everyone should check out Chicks-N-GRITS.