01 September 2011

Random number generator Help

Could someone please explain how to use this? I am hosting my first giveaway and would like to try it. Thanks


  1. Go here: http://www.random.org/
    Then use the box on the right. In min just leave it at 1. Then in max put in the number you want. Then click generate and it should pick a number for you. Hope that helps!

    Blessings, Jessica
    blog: blessingsinthecountry.com

  2. Oh, and if you want to post the results of the generator, you'd need to get a screen capture. On the page with the results, press the Prt Scr button (should be above your Insert, Home, Page Up, etc keys). Then open a paint and use ctrl v to paste it into the paint program. Then save as a jpg or gif (jpg is clearer, but I can't remember if paint does jpg, I use Paint Shop Pro, not paint.) This is assuming you are using a Windows based computer. :)