27 May 2012

Wow Look at this....

My swap partner Kendra spoiled me rotten, look at this amazing Uncle Sam doll.  I don't have anything like this it has inspired me to do an Americana shelf.   i want to learn how to do the nose stiching. I have been working my full time job plus the greenhouse and its crazy this time of year but will make time to place these items somewhere.
Love the sheep stichery , only have one other stichery .  The prim note pad is Fabulous.  This was such a fun swap and great getting to know Kendra.  Thanks Val for hosting this swap!!!

01 May 2012

Iced Coffee Recipe

I don't drink this stuff, but alot of my coworkers do.  Brew a pot of coffee let cool, pour in pitchure add 1 can of sweeten condensed milk.  Store in fridge.  Some add 2T ovf vanilla extract.  They say its pretty good....