28 March 2012

Anyone need springs?

Hi, everyone, I have over 100 of these, I got a new couch and surprise these were in my old one! I will never use all of them and would love to trade them. Not fussy love crows sheep and I really want a mouse anything prim or whatever. Please someone help me get rid of some of them.
Just let me know how many you want and what you want to trade more them likely I'll say YES. Please repost on your blogs.

27 March 2012

Wow bunnies on my blog.............

Oh my there sure are some sweet people in blogland, I just looked at my blog and the st pattys days shamrocks are gone and the bunnies appeared!!! I couldn't figure out how to remove them but I asked for help and magically the cute little bunnies appeared. I think Prim Doddles might be the mystery bunny. Thanks a million and more mystery bunny.......

22 March 2012

My Town

As of noon the bridge is closed and school was let out early to get everyone home safe. I live in the country the bridge is in town but it happens every year will this be ther year it goes???

16 March 2012

Antique Annies pattern?

Hi, recently I have seen some patterns from antique Annies on others blog but can't seem to locate them to purchase. I have tried google searching but to much comes up. Does anyone know the link to order her patterns?

13 March 2012

Pc update, Grunge jar update, and Kindle fire update

My pc went to the pc doctor(a different one this time)last thursday. Oor around $100 It's running much better. Comes to find out just needed more RAM no idea why the first pc doc didn't check that. Oh well its workin fine now.
Tried the grungy jar thing again. Painted the jar brown then sprinkled it with coffee grounds. That left a few spots that needed touchups which I waited for it to dry then sprayed clear coat then sprinkled the grounds again. This is the best method I have found thanks for sharing but the touchups were kinda hard.
Still can't scroll down on the blogs but I found out Crafty Stichers
is also having the same promblem. I guess thats good news cause hopefully that means its the system and not us. Anyone else having this problem or is anyone not having this promblem???

11 March 2012

Viewing blogs on Kindle fire

Hi, hoping someone can help me when I first viewed blogs on my kindle it was fine but now I cant seem to get the bar to that is on the sides between blog and items and between items and the other one towards the right of the screen. The last one is there. I can only see like 2 or 3 blogs and cant scroll below them. I have tried reloading but it must be in the settings but cant figure out. Can anyone Please help?

06 March 2012

Factory Restore PC

Hi, I think I'm gonna try this this weekend, please wish me luck as I might dissappear for awhile but this is my last resort...........

05 March 2012

White Sheep Farm blog question

Hi when I try to read the post it's saying by invitation only, I have been following and its showing up in my blog listing, no idea whats going on, does anyone know how I can request an invition I cant get the email address without going to the blog. Thanks

04 March 2012

Xmas Tree Shop

Hi, went to the xmas tree shop which is 3 hrs away (Northern maine has nothing) and i think I got some Great deals. First up is this tin Lamps priced at $14.99 down to &9.99 got to register and they were only 4.99 so I had to go get 2 more total of 4 of them. Here is what they look like tear of that label and print new one and its now Primmed.

Then I got 4 of these birdhouse candle lights priced at 2.99 marked down to $1.49. I love how they have an on and off switch in the back.
Paper mache boxes $1.60 round one was .99

No idea why this rang up as .99 also
These were $2.50 marked down to 1.25 also got a few other things........