20 October 2011

Crafty Stitchers Swap GREATIES

Recently I won a a wonderful Halloween bag holder from her, and i saw on her blog how she needed spools, well i have tons of them but wasn't sure they was want she wanted but I sent her a picture and she agreed to swap, I really didn't care what she sent me cause i love everything she post on but this was fabulous. My first prairie dress! I was so ecstatic when I saw this still am!! The colors are amazing eventually when I get my kitchen back together I think I'll hang it on a peg rack, but I wanted it up ASAP so this is its temporary home. She also sent me the little prim doll with a neat nametag. Sarah colors match perfect and she looks primnastic with the all her friends. Wow it feels like xmas can't wait to get everything hung back up and organized. Thanks all my blogging friends you guys ALL make my day.

Ginas Bing win

Hi, I participated in a fun Bingo that Gina hoste (Cat nap Prim), I didn't win but I think she felt bad for me and sent me the bobby prize. The dough fall bowl fixing are coated with wax they should last for ever, and i just love the 2 kitchen towels they were wrapped in look how great they match my half-done kitchen, she must have done her homework and really took the time to get to know me. Thanks Gina I Love them.

The last 2 pictures are just to show how perfect the colors match my kitchen

18 October 2011

Yard Sale Re-do

This was a plain wooden box that was used on back of a 4 wheeler (cost $5.00), It's amazing what a piat brush and stencil can do!

11 October 2011

Truckin candy

These were a good seller last year so I thought I'd try 2 more.

09 October 2011

My weekend project

Painting a bright blue gloss hall to a flat pale yellow. What a project!

07 October 2011

Crafty Sticher Win Arrived

This is way to cute! I hung her up ASAP and company came over and wanted it, Thanks I love it!

05 October 2011

My poor Pukin Pumpkins

Well I hope this makes you laugh, that's all I got for today,,,,,,,

02 October 2011

LUCKY me I won the giveaway from Crafty stitchers

Wow, good luck comes my way, I won the raggedy bag holder from Crafty stitchers. This will be my first Raggedy... So excited I have been so busy just finished up 4 Halloween candy mugs this morning for a show . Please tell me what you think I should ask for them. The price I had in mind a couple was saying was to cheap. I figure i only have around 4ish in them (I'm a thrifty shopper) but what would you give for them

Weekly Bing Prize Win and Envelope Swap

I was lucky and won the weekly Bingo drawing over on the Prim Pals forum, Look at all the wonderful goodies Ginny sent me, the lights are silicone dipped. Thanks Ginny for hosting the weekly drawing.
i participated in the envelope swap on the forum also and was lucky to have Allison, I had never heard of her and don't know if she blogs but she really took the time to find out about me because everything she sent was Primnastic. Thanks Allison