30 January 2011

Grubby washcloths

I saw these at a local craft and thought how cute but way overpriced.  Its not hard to make these so here's my version. Tied with homespun and twine and a prim crow tag thats it. I plan to sit then in a wooden tray along with other items I've grubbed up. They smell great... I have been extremely busy this week making candy bouquets for the Caribou store they sold out of them by the 3rd day so I dropped of 10 more on saterday.  Hopefully they will sell out also.

23 January 2011

Karen Inspired Project.

This is my latest creation.  Still in the testing stage it's "Poop" Pourri  AKA waxed dipped Toilet paper.
This bathroom decor is highly scented.  I'm going to do them more primitive, with rustic star Pipberries etc.
as long as there's no more fires ha.  My next one I might dip the flowers. Please let me know what you think.

FIRE!!!! , New store

Hello everyone, had a little fire this A.M.  While melting wax for a new product it caught on fire (must have dripped down the side of the pan).  Flames were real high, threw it outside real quick and no damage accept burnt pan.  I was gonna get a presto pot to melt my wax in anyways (don't like using my stove) so I picked one up today hopefully no more fires but I don't guarantee it.  On a better note my product line is now in Caribou town (not the candles) the store is called close to my heart and it's the green building on the corner (use to be pawn shop).  I have a nice selections of melts, Candy bouquets, Primitive signs, and my newest product the Aroma Ornies are debuting there.  The store is very country primitive 100% made locally and will have a website shortly.  Check it out everyone.

15 January 2011

More Prim decor

This is my favorite
 This is my favorite decor item. It's a prim lamp that holds my melts. Thanks Stacy. Opps I need to edit this it's actually from Logan, she did a great job choosing this for me( Stacy couldn't have choosen anything that coo)l all her mom did was deliver it. THANKS LOGAN!
Another Prim wall, luv my curtains got them at Walmart only $10 bucks match perfect with my woodwork!

Prim living room

 My prim border was xmas present thanks mom, shown on my whte wall and opposite tan wall
Horse sign present from a friend luv it
Boookshelf with Prim Decor

14 January 2011

New scents

I'm very excited I got my order of fragrance oil in today. New scents I'm trying cherry cobbler, sweet pea, Lemon Bunt cake (yummy), Country Berry Hotcakes,Wild Watermelon(like all my friends),Log Cabin (nice woodsy scent) and a couple new cutters came in a horse head, apple,teddy bear, and my friend gave me a flamingo.  I'm going to be busy making melts in clam shell packs, and tarts this weekend and will be mixing up some aroma beads to make  aroma ornies . Plus I'm gonna design a DOUBLETAP candle as a gift for the best blues band around and a great customer!

13 January 2011

What a Day/Aroma Ornies

 Upon awaking this morning I had no heat so I had to stay home.  I decided to work on the aroma ornies for the upcoming show.  These are made with aroma beads (scented various scents) that have cured for 7 days.  Then placed in a cookie cutter and baked in the oven.  Ornies are very strong and hold alot of scent, great for closets, car freshners, hanging in the windows.  The pictures aren't all that great ther'e alot prettier when the sunlight shines on them.
                   Prim sheep hanging in my bathroom, he's navy blue
 was trying to decide how to package, really liked the plain one but ended up going with the paper in the background, because when their hangin I think it looks better.
                PRETTY & PRIM
              Hangin and ready to go, need to make alot more hoping they'll go over good!

10 January 2011


Be patient I'm trying to personalize my design and they don't have a BLONDE one LMAO


Hello everyone tring to get ready for show at the Mall starting Feb 3rd.  Need to make melts, more Aroma Ornies (new product I'm trying) Scent your own wooden roses,(also new and very realistic looking) Candy Bouquets, would also like to try Priminitive stuff but doubt I'll have time.  Having fun but working full time and trying to do this is keeping me busy........

08 January 2011


Ok who said blogging was fun? It's frustrating!
ok my header is gone

Thanks Troy

Ok thanks for being my first of many (hopefully ) followers.....

Troy inspired creation

Good Morning everyone, just wanted to share my latest project.  While dropping off candles one day at Troys I notices fake and really ugly (sorry guy) electric candles in his window above is picture.
I knew with a little creativity I could make them more attractiveafterall its quite plain and UGLY.   I  made it primatitive and now its Pretty&Prim and scented Cinnamon might add some emblishments like a rustic star or tea stained tag.  Hope you all like it.