27 August 2011

The Barn Hollow: First Barn Hollow Giveaway

The Barn Hollow: First Barn Hollow Giveaway: Hello Everyone, This is the just the beginning.  For our first giveaway we are starting with something small and simple.  We will be givin...

Putka Pod Giveaway Time!!!

Hi, all I will be giving away putka pods to celebrate 50 followers. This is more of a way to say thanks to everyone for all there help and wonderful ideas. I love reading all the blogs and really get inspired. The giveaway will consist of the winners choice of putka pods either in a jar,skillet, carrot bag plus additional fall goodies. I will post the pictures hopefully tomorrow. To enter just be a follower, if you post on your sidebar another entry, plus (this one o me means the most) if you have done a swap with me 2 extra entries. Total entries would be 4. Let me know in your comment on this post only how many times your entered as this is my first giveaway and will be writing down all the names and drawing the old fashion way. I might end up giving away 2 if I reach 70 the drawing will take place Sunday the 3rd. Good Luck all and Thanks

23 August 2011


Hi all, I just wanted to say thanks for everything with my first giveaway. When I reach 50. Will post more on the prizes this weekend. I hope you guys like putka pods. I just got some in bulk so they will be part of the prize. PLEASE ENTER THE CONTEST ON THE OTHER POST, (but I have you down for the ones that entered here)

16 August 2011

Putka pod question?

I am really lovin these, but the cheapest I can find them is like $8.00 a lb with shipping (of course I live in Northern Maine) . Would anyone care to share there sources and what exactly are these cuties and why so costly???

13 August 2011

Homemade chalkboard paint link recipe

Hi all just wanted to share this, i know allot of you love chalkboard paint. I haven't gotten into that yet but here is a very cheap recipe and seems like everyone loves it!

12 August 2011

CatNap primitive Surpise Package

Hi, all, I feel kinda of silly awhile back I did a swap with Gina and I guess I totally forgot! I had to email her when I received this package to make sure it was for me.... This was such a wonderful surprise. I cant wait to get the stuff all in their places but have allot to do before then. I dont have any cats so I luv this newbie, and

the pillow will go great when the laundry room gets done! The journal I ordered from Theresa Ick its so tiny and cute. Great day thanks all

07 August 2011

Thank Prim Pantry

Wow the Prim Pantry just posted this free printable, here it is already to be hung it's number one of the set I think. Thanks for sharing

Swap with Lauri Frisch

Lauri had wanted my snowmen basket I had up for swap, so I swapped with her for this set of Hanukkah dolls that she made. These are really cute, I think I'll display them in one of my many baskets. Thank you Lauri my new Prim Pal friend!
Oops forgot to save the rotated picture, ha its sideways just like me! She also sent me a ribbon from Tinsel Trading its Japanese silk.

What I've been working on

This was 2 seperate thift store finds in the same day, how perfect spent $1.39 for vase $1.OO for Gigantic Sunflower. Taking to craft fair.

A Couple Lamp baskets I made, The one with the birds is real pretty lit up, the other one not liking it much.

The next item was a redo, it was an ugly shade of white with something funky

stenciled on top, I primmed it up and added a label now it's pretty n prim!

03 August 2011

01 August 2011

I won a contest!

Hi everyone, the country primitive place had a name this contest and my name
Chicks-n-Grits had the most votes! I am very honored as there were allot of good suggestions. Everyone should check out Chicks-N-GRITS.