27 July 2012

Please start blogging your post that your facebooking

Hi, I am missing alot of new stuff from my blogging buddies.  I don't check there facebook pages often cause I like blogging better for creative stuff; so please if you put it on facebook please blog about it.  Some are saying it takes longer to load pictures on blogger maybe it does but I would love to see the creativity on the blog sites.  Just my opinion.  What do you all think?

24 July 2012

Pinterest projects complete

I have so many things pinned on pinterest its time to either make them or get them out of there.  So I am committed for every 2 or 3 I pin I have to make something already pinned. The Toilet paper roll holder love this holds 2 rolls made from oatmeal container.  Primitive snowballs made from balled up newspaper and layers of joint compound. Silicone bulbs (great money saver) nightlight bulbs dipped in clear silicone.  Last up is a redo box it was redish with some tacky fabric on the cover repainted it and placed wallpaper border over it.  Love how it came out if you want any info on the pinterest stuff check out my pinterst board for the original post and for the original credits or just ask and I can get it.

14 July 2012

Snowman candbar wrapper can't find

Does anyone have a copy or know where I can get one of the printable snowmen candybar wrapper for the hershey bar.  I have tried to find it but all the links I goggled wouldnt let me download it.  It dsays free printable but can't download it.

13 July 2012

Thrifty Finds

Super excited over this whole crate of blocks for $5.00 .  I cant wait to make some Prim blocks which I never have before cause I dont do power tools.

Sheep box was very dirty, didn't think I could clean it up thought it would be a redo, but cleaned up nicely and whats even better its full of metal cookie cutters which will look cute wrapped with homespun.  It was only $1.00.

Basket of Snowmen also a $1.00. I really like them but don't really do seasonal decor, might need to start but will probably end up trading it or selling it at a show.

Now on to Friday the 13th.   I decided to wax my truck. I had it halve done and needed to stop and do something else so I went back to do it and instead of spraying the spray wax I sprayed the tire magic and waxed it on and off then moved on to the next part before I realized it.  Thought you all could use a laugh I blame it on the heat not the blonde of my hair...

10 July 2012

Thanks Ellie

Recently, I asked if anyone wanted to swap anything for springs, I have plenty (still have more)  and look what Ellie Tighe sent me.  She does amazing work, the sheep was weighted and the crow is so pretty.  She asked what I liked and WoW she really made my day Thanks Ellie what a great swap