27 July 2012

Please start blogging your post that your facebooking

Hi, I am missing alot of new stuff from my blogging buddies.  I don't check there facebook pages often cause I like blogging better for creative stuff; so please if you put it on facebook please blog about it.  Some are saying it takes longer to load pictures on blogger maybe it does but I would love to see the creativity on the blog sites.  Just my opinion.  What do you all think?


  1. I am trying to get used to fb, but my heart belongs to blogger! ~*~Lisa

  2. I also would love to see folks back on blogger instead of facebook to post their crafts.
    Keep facebook for communication purposes only.
    Country at heart

  3. I am going to try to get back to blogger more , but alas it is difficult as most like my pics on my posts and todays post took almost 2 hours to do ...thats alot of time out of my day :0( Hope you have a great weekend hugs lil raggedyangie

  4. Hmm , I do not have any trouble adding pics . Might want to contact blogger and see if there is a problem . I love blogging . I am no longer on fb . Just too many ways to get into trouble and people have no censorship on some of the remarks . It basically has turned into a place to fight it out . Just my opinion , but have seen some of the fights on there . Keep blogging girls . (-: