29 January 2012

GRR So Sick

Oh my did I catch a doozy of a cold, friday morning woke up couldn't swallow
etc. Alot of coworkers had been out sick and they all said a virus was going around and all the clinic tells you is to garlic salt water. GROSS. I still thought on saterday I should go in for Strep throat check (it wasn't any better and it felt like I had a lump in my throat)but I didn't. Here it is Sunday afternoon and the lump seems to be gone YAY. I have went thru so much ice cream and ginger ale and sleep what a wasted weekend and all I really wanted to do this weekend was work on my Bag Holder pattern from Samantha and the new Zumba 2 for WII I purchased on Wednesday. Good News is I'm on the mend and wont have to miss any work this week. Take Care All at least I didn't waste money going to the clinic.

28 January 2012

Saying Goodbye to a great blog A SIMPLER TIME

A Simpler Time blog is now closed, From what I could read of the last blog posting someone was selling her free patterns on EBAY. I loved all her stuff most of it I had pinned back to her blog but sadly it's lost. I do have a few of her labels saved. People can be so cruel she was nice enough to share alot of her stuff (thank you)and now sadly she won't be. I will miss you Simpler Times but I understand. God bless and take care

26 January 2012

Sewing help needed please

Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me . I ordered a doll bagholder pattern from Samantha and can't figure out what to do with the neck. The directions read Dress: Cut one on double fold of desired fabric. Sew up sides and under arms. Turn under hem and stitch. Clip neck and turn right side out. Place on doll, turn neck edge under and tack down. Im confused on how or if to cut the neck out see pictures
The black mark says neck opening the next picture on the practice paper I cut it out but I dont think this is right. I have emailed Samantha a couple of times but she hasn't answered and I would like to get going on it. Please someone can you explain this Pain In the Neck Problem??

15 January 2012

Mason jar obsession

I decided to try something my country fixens inside a mason jar with a votive candle, and a candle topper. I am pleased with them. Also a votive cup wrapped in cinnamon sticks. You could also use battery operated candles but Im just using them for display and have tons of Votives
Next is a heart muffin tin with the country fixens and votives and tapered in the middle. I wanted to put the battery tapered in the middle but it wowouldn't fit, this I saw originally done in a regular muffin tin but Ilike mine in the heart mold (believe it came from Raggedy Angie) then theres my fixens in the skillets. I still have tons of skillets would love to trade. ll

Jute Jar

Funny how you think people won't care about stuff then you get comments on it, this was just a glss jar with a faded apple decal that I turned into my version of a crock. All you need is homemade modgepodge (3-1 ratio or just estimate how much cheap glue and H20) It takes forever to dry then I clear coated it. Glad you all like it lets see your versions

Upcycling/thrifting and First sewing attempt

Many of you know I bought a sewing machine last may and I promised to dig it out in January. I use to sew in high school 20 years ago well it all came back but I can't thread machine (thanks mom) due to shaky hands. Does a needle threader work for machines??? Anyhow I tried a star last week but was using weird blanket material so this weekend I dug out this It's kinda fun and really SIMPLE........

Next I wanted some Primitive burner covers but couldn't find any square ones so I had some rusty rooster covers so I thought why not try to redo, well here they are. I'm happy with the way they came out a few paint drips (as alawys any suggestions) off to the side is a glass vase that had apples on it that I redone in JUTE. Love how it came out.

My $8.00 find. I kept picking it up and putting it back. What was I thinkin it's Primnastic. I love it. I might try to tace the pattern. My favorite thing to do is thrifting and Upcycling.

10 January 2012

Backstitching update

Thank you to everone that responded, gonna check out the tutorials this weekend one more silly question how do you get the pattern on the cloth to backstitch it? I suppose the tutorial will tell me that but want your opinions too. My guess is you lightly trace it on????

09 January 2012

Hand stiching help please

I was wondering if you primnastic friends could help me? I am looking for a website or tutorial or something to order to explain how to handstich designs, (not really sure if thats what it's called). Linda from Parkers Paradise does amazing work as pictured below any help or advice greatly appreciated.