09 January 2012

Hand stiching help please

I was wondering if you primnastic friends could help me? I am looking for a website or tutorial or something to order to explain how to handstich designs, (not really sure if thats what it's called). Linda from Parkers Paradise does amazing work as pictured below any help or advice greatly appreciated.


  1. Stitcheries are usually done with a "back stitch" and DMC floss (or whatever your preferred thread is). I love doing stitcheries because they are fairly easy to do and don't require too much to do them.

    I'm looking around for stitchery tutorials, because I know I have seen them over the years. I just can't recall where right now!

    Have you found some patterns yet to make them with? There are lots of free ones, and lots more you can buy too.

    Try this site: http://www.needlenthread.com/videos And click on any video you want, though I would check out Backstitch first.

  2. This site should also be helpful : http://www.primitive-stitches.com/articles.php

    She explains it pretty well, check out the first link: "Beginner Stitcher-Where do I start??"

  3. Tammy,
    It looks like Lecia did her work in backstitching. Easy ~ I'm sure you could do this ~ a great way to learn. I love to these because they usually stitch up fast. I like to color them in with crayons or colored pencils too! There are a lot of web sites out there that have wonderful pattern and usually they aren't that expensive.
    Good Luck!!!
    Prim Blessings