29 July 2011

Another Mammie redo

I had allot of comments on my Mammie image, so I tried another, It was suppose to hold a candle sideways but my candle wasn't narrow enough, so you can use the hooks for whatevever and i just put

an image on the back so you can rotate it if you get sick of Mammie

27 July 2011

Follow up swap with Angie

Wow great swap, I knew about the bowl and the star, but the black holder is pn a turntable can't wait to show you the redo I have in mind, also she send me some more bowl fillers, YAY you can never have to many just get more bowls! The bee is amazing it has wings. Thanks Angie Love them all as usual

26 July 2011

Thrifty Swap Goodies

Oh my look at this wonderful stuff! My favorite is the bag which has an American print on the other side so it can be reversible. This was made by Debbie. The basket she weathered and added the ribbon, I have allot of baskets but this one is so different, thinking of a candle display in it. The stitchery is so sweet and its my first stitchery piece this was purchased from a little shop in the woods.Also included was some apple tea lights great for fall > Thank you very much Debbie for making my experience on the Prim Pal Forum wonderful!

25 July 2011

UFO update and swap with Lil Raggedy Angie

Well i think it's done, not real happy with how it came out, but the more I try to fix it it gets worse. I think my problem is the gloss black paint I used. Never again no matter what. It was hard to sand, couldn't dull it with stain, and no matter how much modge podge I used the labels aren't sealed that great. I did do this in humid weather so that might have had alot to do with it not sealing. I don't hate it but don't love it, the picture looks good and I learned allot. Thanks everyone. More to come soon.

Will show you what's inside 2morrow......

23 July 2011

Blog Help

Hi, can someone please tell me how to link back to someones website? I used the link button and pasted the info but you can't click on the link. I wanted people to be able to click on the link to Rusty Thimble (in previous post) and have them takin to that site from my site.

Great Deal @ Rusty Thimble

Brenda was having a sale over at Rusty Thimble for 10 yards of fabric for under $20. I am slowly trying to get back into sewing (been a long time) so I saw where Tamara had purchased from her so I gave it a try. Oh my what a fabulous DEAL. She send me so many extras and the colors are amazing, I was gonna use this material to start sewing again, but I don't want to ruin it, so to start I'll go back to the old T shirts. Everyone should go to http://therustythimble.blogspot.com and check out her sale, you wont be disappointed


22 July 2011

Ink jet versus Laser Printer?

Hi, all I'm considering purchasing a laser printer and would like your opinions. i have read reviews but I want to hear the pros and cons from you guys. I would still use my ink jet but basically what I want it for is to print on fabric. Alot of tutorials I have been reading lately call for a laser printer. I know you can print on fabric with inkjet but to use the citrasolve or the woodburning tool it must be laser printed. The cost seems cheaper for laser(per item) i would only be using it for black and white. Please give me your thoughts UFO update to come .

21 July 2011

UFO update

Ok, so I painted over the red with black then sanded the edges, but the white (base coat) showed thru not much red so re sprayed the spots withe black. It's not as bad as the picture but I don't like how the sand lines stick out, should I just seal it now or ???? Remember a label will be on it so it might hide the sand marks. Also I cant download the place I get my labels any suggestion for a supplier. It needs to be a full sheet I think for the front not labeling the sides I don't think.

19 July 2011

UFO coming along but still need advice

Ok thanks to all that have helped but need a little more, the first time you saw this it was just base coated white. I painted over it a reddish then sanded it so some of the white shows. Now what? Should I just stain over it all then If I'm happy seal it? Another thought was painting it all again in black then sanding so the red shows. I also was thinking of before I seal it to at a Primmy stencil saying at which point would I do that? Thanks everyone I'm slowly learning

16 July 2011

New Items up for Swap.

Please help me get rid of some of this stuff! Below is some of the new items up for swap. You can see more items buy clicking on my swap page located top of right side margin.


Galore. I have Way too many!Wooden Trays and baskets, I was gonna redo but couldn't part with the original design.

15 July 2011


Hi, all What would you do with these? They have a base coat on them and that it. I want to get them finished but I'm stuck on what to do. Last time I tried to make something aged it didn't come out right. I don't understand what I did wrong. I base coat it,

then paint over the base coat, then sand so the base coat shows in spots. Is this the right technique? What can I do to these? I really want them out of the UFO pile?

13 July 2011

Swap Goodies from Tamara at Country at Heart

Tamara really outdid herself with this swap. The homestead star attached to the bobbin is very primitive and detailed and matches my red counter-top perfect.

The tuck below is so unique it goes with everything and I just adore it! I love this stuff but more then that I love the friendship and support Tamara has givin me. Thanks for bein beyond primnastic!

12 July 2011

Woo Hoo swap goodies from Tamara!

Hi all just a quick post to tease ya all. Received a very primnastic swap from Miss Tamara but my camera is charging so you'll have to wait until tomorrow. Sorry but I will let you know there one of a kind!

11 July 2011

Thank You Primitive Hutch!

Recently I placed an order with Primitive Hutch for a swap I wanted to participate in. The swap didn't work out (enough said) and Robyn was very understanding and aloud be to switch my item after it had already been processed. Now I have this wonderful tuck and found a great place to do business with. Thanks

10 July 2011

Grubby Candle Failure, New items on swap page

This is like the 5th time I've tried grubby candles, I've tried the wax method and modge podge, i give up it's way to messy and every time I try to put another layer on the first layer falls off! I let them cool in between lowered my wax temp nothing works for me. This is a picture of a popcorn tin sprayed with Rustoluem. like how this came out. New items added to swap page please check it out,

09 July 2011

Does anyone know?

Hi, just wondering why my top give away image is always over the border?

Design blog help

Hi all my pictures on my left side bar are to big, how to I fix this, I just applied a new layout and tried adjusting the width put the giveaway pictures size didnt change please look at my blog and help

08 July 2011

Feeling Guilty

OK, I am almost too embarrassed to admit this. I have had this for almost 2 months and it's still in the box! I just want to make sure I'm in the right mood and not in a hurry to figure this out. Might be winter time before things slow down but I have it so when the mood strikes I'll be ready to go!

07 July 2011

Barter and Trade Page added

Hi, I have allot of things I would like to trade so I created a page. Thanks Little Raggedy Angie for you help. Just click on the tab and hopefully it will take you to that page

01 July 2011

I hate ez ups!

I tried to do an outdoor market last week and it poured, so I purchased a coleman version of ez up called backhome shelter. It's 13x13 and is suppose to take 2 people to setup. I have been trying by myself for 2 days to try to figure this out. N0 instructions and the web videos are useless! Oh well I'm sure someone will help me at the market..........