01 July 2011

I hate ez ups!

I tried to do an outdoor market last week and it poured, so I purchased a coleman version of ez up called backhome shelter. It's 13x13 and is suppose to take 2 people to setup. I have been trying by myself for 2 days to try to figure this out. N0 instructions and the web videos are useless! Oh well I'm sure someone will help me at the market..........

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  1. Tam,

    LOL! Sorry I couldn't resist! The name sure implies it "should" be easy but it's anything but. I've owned numerous canopies over the years and my latest one, which is a 10x20 aluminum KD Canopy is the easiest of all that I've owned to put up. Yep, the big one is the easiest. The only other one that was easy was a 10x10 KD canopy that was steel. The sucker was heavy but last forever.

    You might want to get to the market early to allow yourself some extra time for technical issues. Only other thought I would have is how big are the spaces that you are given? Most craftshows that I do only give spaces in 10x10 size and don't allow for any extra space between or behind you. Just a thought.

    Good luck and take some pictures of your show...you know we would all love to see them.