26 July 2011

Thrifty Swap Goodies

Oh my look at this wonderful stuff! My favorite is the bag which has an American print on the other side so it can be reversible. This was made by Debbie. The basket she weathered and added the ribbon, I have allot of baskets but this one is so different, thinking of a candle display in it. The stitchery is so sweet and its my first stitchery piece this was purchased from a little shop in the woods.Also included was some apple tea lights great for fall > Thank you very much Debbie for making my experience on the Prim Pal Forum wonderful!


  1. What nice swap goodies. I love the stitchery.
    Country at heart

  2. Love the goodies you got! That basket is really neat!!! It is so nice having you with us on the forum!

    Debbie K