30 April 2011

Prim/country Lamp

Hi, just a quick little project, a friend made the basket then it was just a matter of finding a basket lamp kit (had to order and it was costly) and clip on shade. I have some crow shades coming anyone know of an online source for clip on shades or basket kits? Currently using factory direct. Stuffed with pine cones then tied homespun and completed with rustic star. I still think its a little plain any suggestions what do you think of pip berries weaved into the basket? Still in desperate need of a pip berry source!

26 April 2011

Back too crafting

I'm so happy after 6 months I am finally able to use my grant money for my business, in about two weeks my supplies will start rolling in. First up to make is Country Fix-ins, corn cob sachets, and refresher oils, sprays,lotions

can't wait watch for swaps and giveaways when I get them made. Any suggestions for country fix-ens besides hot apple pie, cinnamon, etc. would be welcomed.

23 April 2011

Thamks Dee

Hi I just wanted to thank Dee for suggesting Firefox instead of IE I can download pics now with no problem and it works the same. My new purchase. I can haul allot of stuff in this but I

probable wont have much time for crafting I'll be working overtime to pay for it!!!!

17 April 2011

IS anyone having problems loading pictures

Hi, everyone my pictures won't upload to my post. Anyone else having this issue???

09 April 2011

Bargain day

Trash & Treasure sale was held at the local forum
Only $5.00 crate in all, are these worth anything? Not as if I'll part with them!
Prim doll in back $4.00 (wish it had a nose and mouth) small one only .50 love her.
$10.00 Painted crate (my teddies)
also $10. Also got alot of xmas and NOW BROKE!!!