30 April 2011

Prim/country Lamp

Hi, just a quick little project, a friend made the basket then it was just a matter of finding a basket lamp kit (had to order and it was costly) and clip on shade. I have some crow shades coming anyone know of an online source for clip on shades or basket kits? Currently using factory direct. Stuffed with pine cones then tied homespun and completed with rustic star. I still think its a little plain any suggestions what do you think of pip berries weaved into the basket? Still in desperate need of a pip berry source!


  1. Tam,
    Here is two more web sites that sell pip berry sprays and garlands. Their prices are good.
    Check them out.
    The first one has berry sprays staring at 1.25 and up.
    The second one has sprays for 2.49 and berry garlands for 12.99. The garlands can be taken apart to make sprays. That is a good price for garlands. They usually sell for 14.99 to 16.99.
    Hope this helps.
    Country at heart

  2. Hi, thanks Tamera decided on outerbanks garland, the kpcreek doesn't have the larger berries. Small berries to me are just to plain. I did find some other stuff at KP creek........... Anymore pip berries suggestions anyone?

  3. sorry Im no help ! Thanks for stopping by and getting in on my give away! Look forward to getting to know you better. Love the basket. enjoy your day
    lil raggedyangie