31 August 2012

Removing Gadget question

Hi all, I have pinwheels on my blog and while I love them, Its been brought to my attention its messing up the comments.  Can someone please tell me how to remove them?  I thought I had it figured out but removed the wrong thing.  I don't want to remove anything but the pinwheels.

30 August 2012

Stencil Questions

Hi everyone, I have been buying my stencils but would like to make my own any suggestions?  I' m looking for a machine the only ones I know of are the Silouette and the cricuit are there others?  For those of you that make the great sign and shelve sitter blocks the pros and cons of the items you use would be helpful.  I will be doing alot of research on the machine before I purchase so no hurry.  I really like the silouette but looks a little complicated but they have online classes so maybe thats the dirrection to go but dont really need all the extras it does just want a SIMPLE machine for  steciling.... Thanks

28 August 2012

Stencil choices

Hello everyone, I love stenciling and have purchased many but would love to make my own.  Opinions on machines and ease of use wanted.  I know the cricuit and the Siloutte is out there but they both have there limits are there others/.  Any information greatly appreciated.  I have been researching this idea for awhile and want real peoples opinion

Testing Picture size

16 August 2012

New PC up and somewhat running

Let the fun begin seems alot faster, but getting everything set-up will take some time still can't get email yet was using outlook switching to Windows live I think (outlook won't load) will work on email 2morrow

04 August 2012

organization pin done

Well one more done of my to list, simple but it still counts in my book.  Not sure if i had the actual pin but was seen on pininterest pretty self explanatory wooden dowels and a storage bin with holes on all sides (got at Walmart)