30 August 2012

Stencil Questions

Hi everyone, I have been buying my stencils but would like to make my own any suggestions?  I' m looking for a machine the only ones I know of are the Silouette and the cricuit are there others?  For those of you that make the great sign and shelve sitter blocks the pros and cons of the items you use would be helpful.  I will be doing alot of research on the machine before I purchase so no hurry.  I really like the silouette but looks a little complicated but they have online classes so maybe thats the dirrection to go but dont really need all the extras it does just want a SIMPLE machine for  steciling.... Thanks

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  1. Sorry Tam ~ can't help you out ~ I purchase all my stencils.
    Prim Blessings
    P.s. Love your pinwheels ~ but they really slow down the computer and screw things up when I try to type.