30 September 2012

Once again.......

I'm missing out on alot of blogging friends post and creativity because it is on facebook and no mention of it on there blogs.  I don't get on facebook much but always check the blogs.  Please people can you copy and paste your facebook post for those of us that don't like or don't have facebook so we won't miss out????

Help deleting???

Hi all, I had like 20 post show up from a site I don't remember signing up to follow.  The problem is this site does not apperar in my reading list and when I click on the entries there is no place to unfollow.  These articles are about traveling and are very long, this is the first time it's happened so maybe its a fluke.  Suggestions or thoughts anyone?

26 September 2012

Just another picture of how I'm displaying Mr. Boo who I won from Vickie at
http;//Vicky-myart.blogspot.com Love this display. Thanks Vicky

25 September 2012

Silly me, look what arrived

Major blonde moment, I have been wicked busy latly, and about 2 weeks ago (at least ) there was a package stuck in my door.  I had been waiting for a bundle of boxes assuming it was them I just put them up.  Well I went to get a box today and when I opened it it was my win from Vickie.  This guy is really big can't wait to display it,  I don't think Vicki sews much but the bat was sewed to prim perfection, love how the gauze is draped over the ghost.  She also included a yummy cider candle and a sunflower towel.  I'm lovin the sunflowers this time of the year.  Thanks Vicki I luv it all great work sorry I'm just finding it.

24 September 2012


Tryin to use up some of my supplies so I did up a couple of electric candle gatherings.  Love how they came out with my homemade silicone bulbs. SIMPLIFY but in my opinion Primnastic

02 September 2012

Tag win

I won these to tags from Silvia (I think thats her name couldn't read the signature),  these tags are amazing and the person in the Photo is real and has a great story behind her.. So neat I din't have anything altered art so this is a unique thing for me.  I think I'll hang them of a peg shelf.  Thanks I love them

01 September 2012

Amazing trade from Yorkiesprimitives

Wow was I suprised when I came home from working the farmers market today.  Earlier I had asked if anyone wanted to swap some springs(still have alot more)for whatever and Valerie said Yes. I sent her a box full and commented how much I liked this picnicing crows on her esty site and that is what she send me!!! I was very suprised not to mention happy.  They are so cute on a vintage rollerskate.  What a unique craft this is.  I have moved it like 4 times but I think it is going to stay on the window with my other swaps and win items.  www.yorkiesprimitives.etsy.com to see more of her OOAK creations.  Plus I asked for some help on my blog and she helped me.  Blogging friends are the best I wish they were real well real life friends.