30 April 2012

Old Road Primitive Pattern

Yay I won my choice of a pattern from Kim.  There was alot to pick from at first I wanted an easy one, but I fell in love with the Farm Fresh Hen pattern so wish me luck I'm gonna attempt to make it. No I will make it.  She said it was about average so I'm Gonna make it.  I'm sure it won't be perfect but it will be made. 
http://www.oldroadprimitives.com/catalog.php?item=185 Check out the pattern here and all the ones I had to pick from.  Thanks Kim

21 April 2012

Not liking the new Blogger

Wow , this is gonna take some getting use too.  Can't scroll down unless I view in Goggle reader which seems to take forever.  Anyone else having issues?

18 April 2012

How to turn bunnies into sheep......

Wow the bunnies on my blogs are now sheep!!!!!  I wonder who my mysterious angel is that keeps helping me???  I just want to say thank you to all my blogging friends.  I have learned so much from all of you, but the main thing is the friendship and the encouragement I have recieved.  Thank You all

Great Idea

Hi, all thought I would share this wonderful upcycle.  You know those ugly bathroom clocks, well look how pretty they become once you tear them apart and download a clock face from Primdoodles.  Be carful to lay the hands out the way you remove them, I can't get the Minute Maid one to work but lovin the other one, alot of faces to pick from and best of all it's FREE..  I used Cardstock but I think I'll try PhotoPaper to make it a little brighter next time

12 April 2012

Rusty Safty Pins

Hi, I have looked everywhere for uncoated safety pins to rust, does anyone have an online source or better yet any uncoated for sale?  The plated ones just won't coat for me using bleach and vinegar.

09 April 2012

freezer paper question

I. Was just wondering when your printing on fabric if your suppose to haave it sett to cardstock? I am having a hard time getting it through the printer. 2 out 3 seem to jam up. Any suggestions

Thrift store find, need advice

I got this today for only .99!  I need to prim it up!!! Would like to keep the white overdress and white pantas, but the rosy underdress needs to go.  I was hoping to dye it brown but thats not working, anyone know where I can get a simple dress pattern?  The ribbons are gonna dissapear also.  The brown yarn hair is what I would like advice on.  Any ideas anyone, I am thinking maybe to cover it up with a bonnet? Ps I love her brown felt like shoes.  Great find on this just needs a little Prim  Magic

08 April 2012

Feedsack pillow

When I first got this pattern, I was confused, I thought there would be a pattern with the graphics, but that just made me challange myself to figure it out.  Very happy with the way they turned out but my printer didn't like loading the material, I think I had Onsenburg instead of Muslin.  This is 2 of a set of 4 patterns that came from Samantha.  Proud of myself this weekend with the Naptime bunny (Grr) and pillows both done satisfactory but not perfect completed, alll stuff I've never tried before.  Oh and I also learned how to use the automatic threader on my sewing machine!!!

Snowy Easter here!!!

4-6 inches and windy gotta love Maine, the way life should be motto doesn't quite fit today, Happy Easter All.

07 April 2012

Naptime Bunny

Well heres my version, I have alot of mistakes but I just wanted to prove to myself I could do it, but I think I'll stick to bigger items.

05 April 2012

Multiple pictures?

Hi evryone, Is there a way to upload more then 1 photo at a time? I always do one upload go back and get the others. I tried holding down the Ctrl button but that didn't work. Thanks