09 April 2012

Thrift store find, need advice

I got this today for only .99!  I need to prim it up!!! Would like to keep the white overdress and white pantas, but the rosy underdress needs to go.  I was hoping to dye it brown but thats not working, anyone know where I can get a simple dress pattern?  The ribbons are gonna dissapear also.  The brown yarn hair is what I would like advice on.  Any ideas anyone, I am thinking maybe to cover it up with a bonnet? Ps I love her brown felt like shoes.  Great find on this just needs a little Prim  Magic

1 comment:

  1. Good Morning,

    Can you get the doll's dress off? If so maybe you can take it apart and use it for your pattern. She is adorable.

    Hugs ♥