31 December 2011

Can you find anything.......... Part 1

It has been about a year since I started going all prim, can anybody find any of the prim items that have been made by them, almost all have either been swaps, trades, wins, or inspired by you all? Thank you all for making my prim dreams (the whole house) off to a great start looking foward to 2012.

Thrift Store finds

Plus a grater and a candle saltbox light all for 4.60. Good finds today

Thrift Store Finds

What I've been up to

Just some stuff I've been working on, focusing on using what I have, doing some organizing in the craft room and trying to get some of the stuff used up.

21 December 2011


My truck I got back in may was smashed into Saterday morning by 2 young kids. It has over 7000 in damage and will be about a month before it gets back. The reason for this post is I am so thankful noone was serious hurt. As much as I loved the truck it can be replaced but lives cant. Thank you god for looking out for everyone.

07 December 2011

Coal cookie recipe?

Hi, I saw a coal cookie recipe in blog land somewhere and thought I saved it but can't find it anyone know where it came from? I know I can Google and find the recipes but I want this one it looked like it was wrapped in black cellophane. Thanks

05 December 2011

painting Ice Skate question

Hi, I have been looking everywhere for a tutorial on these but no luck, can anyone tell me what kind of paint to use or anything for help would be greatly appreciated