30 September 2012

Help deleting???

Hi all, I had like 20 post show up from a site I don't remember signing up to follow.  The problem is this site does not apperar in my reading list and when I click on the entries there is no place to unfollow.  These articles are about traveling and are very long, this is the first time it's happened so maybe its a fluke.  Suggestions or thoughts anyone?


  1. I had a few of these but they went to spam..I have my comments set up to be approved before they are published.

  2. These are not "comments" that we approve before publishing, they are posts in our blog reader. I got them too - it looks like someone hacked into a blog I was following a while back. Grrrr....~*~Lisa

  3. Go to your Blogger Dashboard. You should see your Reading List on the left. On the far right of the page is the reading list settings icon--looks like a geared wheel. Click that and it will open the Reading List in a new page. See if it's on that page. If it is... Next to the blog you want to unfollow--click Settings. A small window will open up and then there should be a text link you can click on that says Stop Following This Site. If it's not on that list either try clicking on one of their post titles to go to the blog itself and try to unfollow it there.