09 July 2011

Does anyone know?

Hi, just wondering why my top give away image is always over the border?


  1. Tam,
    It looks ok now. I sent you another e-mail regarding another swap. Please respond.
    Country at heart

  2. Tam,

    You can change the width of your sidebars and middle of your blog. The picture is just a little larger to fit in the width settings that you have. You go to your dashboard, then template designer, then adjust widths options. Play around a little to see what number will work for you. Or you could try to change the picture size using a free program. I use Paint which is a microsoft program all the time. You would find it under the Start menu, all programs, then accessories, then Paint. Once in paint, you want to open the picture and then go to image and then stretch and skew. You resize using % so you need to know what size the picture is to start with. I usually try to resize to 90% of the original for a first try. When you create the resized picture, make sure to name it something different so you keep your original intact. I just use something like Giveaway for the original and then giveaway1 for the resized.

    Sure hope this helps.