21 July 2011

UFO update

Ok, so I painted over the red with black then sanded the edges, but the white (base coat) showed thru not much red so re sprayed the spots withe black. It's not as bad as the picture but I don't like how the sand lines stick out, should I just seal it now or ???? Remember a label will be on it so it might hide the sand marks. Also I cant download the place I get my labels any suggestion for a supplier. It needs to be a full sheet I think for the front not labeling the sides I don't think.


  1. It looks good!! I would use a coat of Antiquing medium by Folkart brand paints in # 811. You just put a little on & wipe it around then wipe it off. It will soften your sanding lines, give it a soft not shiny finish & age the areas you sanded mellowing out the colors underneath. I use this on everything I paint and sand and usually never put a sealer on top. I even have a little apothecary type cabinet on my bathroom sink and it gets splashed all the time and is still fine so the stuff does seal & protect the wood quite a bit. Check out Patternmart for instant downloadable labels.
    Great job, have fun finishing it, anxious to see the total finish!! ~Kriss~

  2. It turned out nice. I think black pieces ground the room. Black seems to be a primitive color for decorating. Can't wait to see it finished.
    Country at heart