19 July 2011

UFO coming along but still need advice

Ok thanks to all that have helped but need a little more, the first time you saw this it was just base coated white. I painted over it a reddish then sanded it so some of the white shows. Now what? Should I just stain over it all then If I'm happy seal it? Another thought was painting it all again in black then sanding so the red shows. I also was thinking of before I seal it to at a Primmy stencil saying at which point would I do that? Thanks everyone I'm slowly learning


  1. personally I would go with the black over red..it would give it a real nice prim look...then I would add the stencil..sand it to your liking and then seal it..I did a black bread box then sanded it and did a wash of red over the top then sealed it..you just get a hint of red..it looks really cool..you can also add one of those neat paper labels (decopauge it on) then seal the whole thing..Make sure the label is prim looking..by staining it with tea..there are lots of places that sell those prim labels..that would look really neat on this piece..

  2. I would also paint it over with black as a top coat and then sand a little to let some of the red peak out underneath. You could apply a coat of crackle finish here and there too to have some extra aging in spots & lightly sand those too. Really cute!! ~Kriss~