10 January 2012

Backstitching update

Thank you to everone that responded, gonna check out the tutorials this weekend one more silly question how do you get the pattern on the cloth to backstitch it? I suppose the tutorial will tell me that but want your opinions too. My guess is you lightly trace it on????


  1. Tam, I trace my design on tracing paper which is thin and you can see through it and then use graphite paper under that placed on top of the fabric to transfer the design. I use a pencil to trace over the paper design to transfer it to fabric. You can find graphite paper in the art supply department or the fabric section. It is kinda like carbon paper only for fabric. You can check out patternmart.com for some free patterns to download.
    Hope this helps.
    Country at heart

  2. Muslin on top of paper pattern, trace with pencil.

    Muslin is thin, so I can usually see the pattern through the fabric to trace.

    Or if that is not easy for you, shimmy up your own "light box" from whatever you have around the house. You'll have to get creative with that, depending on what you have on hand. ;)