26 January 2012

Sewing help needed please

Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me . I ordered a doll bagholder pattern from Samantha and can't figure out what to do with the neck. The directions read Dress: Cut one on double fold of desired fabric. Sew up sides and under arms. Turn under hem and stitch. Clip neck and turn right side out. Place on doll, turn neck edge under and tack down. Im confused on how or if to cut the neck out see pictures
The black mark says neck opening the next picture on the practice paper I cut it out but I dont think this is right. I have emailed Samantha a couple of times but she hasn't answered and I would like to get going on it. Please someone can you explain this Pain In the Neck Problem??


  1. Hi, try turning your piece right side out and fold in half (with sleeves facing each other) and just make a slit maybe 1-1 1/2" along the top thru both pieces, just wide enough to put on doll, then turn your neck under and tack in place. I always just cut a slit the size needed to slip on doll. Hope this helps.

  2. I believe the black mark would of been how far your sew line would be. Once you have it all sewn you would cut a slit where the head would go through. I hope this makes sense.
    Make sure you have the right email address for Samantha ~ it has changed.
    Wish you lots of luck with this. Any more ??? just let me know.
    Prim Blessings