16 August 2011

Putka pod question?

I am really lovin these, but the cheapest I can find them is like $8.00 a lb with shipping (of course I live in Northern Maine) . Would anyone care to share there sources and what exactly are these cuties and why so costly???


  1. Hi Tam, just to let you know that when I get my pattern line released I actually have a pattern to make Putka Pods. They look realistic and are simple to make and very inexpensive! Keep an eye out for the release of my patterns on my blog soon!! ~Kriss~

  2. I just found at Micheals craft store of all places. They were $5.99 for 3.8 oz but I had a 40% off coupon. Hope that helps..

  3. I've been looking everywhere local for them too. Can only find them online!

    Blessings, Jessica

  4. You can find them at rachelspotpourri.com and factorydirectcraft.com and atlanticspice.com, plus all over Etsy and Ebay. They are expensive because they are primarily imported from India. They are much cheaper to buy in bulk, which is why you pay a lot for smaller quantities on the rare occasion you can find them in craft stores.