23 January 2011

FIRE!!!! , New store

Hello everyone, had a little fire this A.M.  While melting wax for a new product it caught on fire (must have dripped down the side of the pan).  Flames were real high, threw it outside real quick and no damage accept burnt pan.  I was gonna get a presto pot to melt my wax in anyways (don't like using my stove) so I picked one up today hopefully no more fires but I don't guarantee it.  On a better note my product line is now in Caribou town (not the candles) the store is called close to my heart and it's the green building on the corner (use to be pawn shop).  I have a nice selections of melts, Candy bouquets, Primitive signs, and my newest product the Aroma Ornies are debuting there.  The store is very country primitive 100% made locally and will have a website shortly.  Check it out everyone.

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