13 January 2011

What a Day/Aroma Ornies

 Upon awaking this morning I had no heat so I had to stay home.  I decided to work on the aroma ornies for the upcoming show.  These are made with aroma beads (scented various scents) that have cured for 7 days.  Then placed in a cookie cutter and baked in the oven.  Ornies are very strong and hold alot of scent, great for closets, car freshners, hanging in the windows.  The pictures aren't all that great ther'e alot prettier when the sunlight shines on them.
                   Prim sheep hanging in my bathroom, he's navy blue
 was trying to decide how to package, really liked the plain one but ended up going with the paper in the background, because when their hangin I think it looks better.
                PRETTY & PRIM
              Hangin and ready to go, need to make alot more hoping they'll go over good!


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