20 October 2011

Ginas Bing win

Hi, I participated in a fun Bingo that Gina hoste (Cat nap Prim), I didn't win but I think she felt bad for me and sent me the bobby prize. The dough fall bowl fixing are coated with wax they should last for ever, and i just love the 2 kitchen towels they were wrapped in look how great they match my half-done kitchen, she must have done her homework and really took the time to get to know me. Thanks Gina I Love them.

The last 2 pictures are just to show how perfect the colors match my kitchen

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  1. I love salt dough ornies. You can do so much with them. I have yet to try and make some. I haven't had much time to craft anything lately. Hopefully, this weekend I can get to some unfinished projects. Darn that job anyway.
    Country at heart