13 March 2012

Pc update, Grunge jar update, and Kindle fire update

My pc went to the pc doctor(a different one this time)last thursday. Oor around $100 It's running much better. Comes to find out just needed more RAM no idea why the first pc doc didn't check that. Oh well its workin fine now.
Tried the grungy jar thing again. Painted the jar brown then sprinkled it with coffee grounds. That left a few spots that needed touchups which I waited for it to dry then sprayed clear coat then sprinkled the grounds again. This is the best method I have found thanks for sharing but the touchups were kinda hard.
Still can't scroll down on the blogs but I found out Crafty Stichers
is also having the same promblem. I guess thats good news cause hopefully that means its the system and not us. Anyone else having this problem or is anyone not having this promblem???


  1. Computer problems are frustrating. Haven't tried much grunging but what I have done was messy and needed lots of touch ups! Love the end results though. Hope you can scroll soon ~*~Lisa

  2. Hi, I finally figured it out, actually just a few minutes ago. You have to click on view in google reader and that will take you to the blogs and then click on the down arrow at the top of the page and you can go thru each blog. I guess we'll learn it sooner or later. Good luck with yours. Cyndy

  3. Glad that you are getting to the bottom of your computer problems.Hugs,Jen