04 March 2012

Xmas Tree Shop

Hi, went to the xmas tree shop which is 3 hrs away (Northern maine has nothing) and i think I got some Great deals. First up is this tin Lamps priced at $14.99 down to &9.99 got to register and they were only 4.99 so I had to go get 2 more total of 4 of them. Here is what they look like tear of that label and print new one and its now Primmed.

Then I got 4 of these birdhouse candle lights priced at 2.99 marked down to $1.49. I love how they have an on and off switch in the back.
Paper mache boxes $1.60 round one was .99

No idea why this rang up as .99 also
These were $2.50 marked down to 1.25 also got a few other things........


  1. Tam, I love those lamps, I tend to collect lamps of all sizes. And those boxes are really neat. You found some great prices on all your goodies. Love all of it.
    Country at heart

  2. Awesome finds!!! I love the birdhouses!

  3. I just love going to the Xmas Tree Shop. I live about 20 minutes away from one. Im going to have to make a special trip there tomorrow and check to see if they have those lamps on sale at our store. Yours turned out really adorable.

    Prim Blessings,

  4. Your finds are so good, I like seeing these cute things :)

  5. Hi Tam, I just found your blog from a comment you made on another site. I love Christmas Tree Shop and miss it terribly. Which one did you go to? I noticed you mentioned your in Maine, I just relocated to Florida from Lewiston. I also just recently started a blog, stop by and visit:) Hope to hear from ya!