14 September 2011

Happiness swap arrived

I came home from work a little early today with a sore throat, I just wanted to sleep it off, but to by surprise my Happiness swap fro Lori frisch had arrived. Of course I had to open it and now I'm to excited to sleep. i told her I loved prim and she made me this doll that matches my kitchen perfectly it's my 3rd Prim doll. I love the crow embroidery that's my second piece of stitchery I have received but not quite sure how to display it suggestions please? The Halloween ribbon is perfect for my Halloween candy bouquets. I adore the brown ribbon from japan. It will come in handy in prim crafting along with the gingham ribbon and spool. The pink wall hanger will look good with some sweet annie or pipberries. What a great package thank you it's PRIMNASTIC!


  1. Cute goodies you received! I probably would make the stitchery into a pinkeep, or you could frame it.
    Prim Blessings

  2. Great goodies! I am still working on my swap. Trying to finish stitching one more thing.

    Thank you for the pods! I had a friend come by yesterday and she saw the ones you sent sitting in my kitchen and fell in love with them.