04 September 2011

Putka winner announcement

Hi, kinda disappointing when I only had 7 people enter for a total of 12. I didn't reach 50 but the random pick was number 8. Tamara from COUNTRY AT HEART is the winner. I want to thank Before the Dawn for helping me use the random pick so I will send her some pods too! When I went to capture the results to post the actual picture I couldn't figure out how not to get the whole page all I wanted was the chart. Thanks to all that entered my blog is about sharing and helping not selling. I still have some putka pods left and would love to trade with any of you 7. Please email me Tamera and Before the Dawn and let me know if you prefer skillet, carrot shaped clear bag, or rustic jar and your addresses.


  1. Hi Tam, thanks for picking me too! You are so kind. Congrats to Tamara! I can't believe you only got 7! That is crazy. But you are only 2 more people to 50, and that is good. :)

    Oops I left how out to crop the image. Wasn't sure if you knew how to do that. If you want to learn, I can teach you if you like! We can use email and that would be easier than using the comments.

    I will send you and email right now.

    Blessings, Jessica