17 May 2011

swap goodies arrived

I am so happy with my swap goods from Linda Tuyls. She must know I haven't mastered sewing yet everything I Love. I really wanted a prim doll and look here is one!

the sheep came from her too! Check out the bowl fillers, so cute the ladybugs are so sweet and the sunflowers, love the sewed items!

Can't forget the plant pokes, now if only my flowers would bloom, well at least I can look at the plant pokes. Thanks Alot Linda. I will learn how to sew gonna try this sheepy!


  1. Such sweet gifts ~ your new goodies are great!

  2. Looks like a great swap to me , enjoy your goodies ! Those ladybugs are too cute! Have a great week! hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  3. Tammy I am so glad that you liked your goodies....It was a fun swap to do...Happy to have had you as my partner....Amy will be posting what I got from you on her blog...so that everyone can see what I got from you also...lindeelou

  4. Tam,
    Great start to your prim decorating. I too am trying to decorate prim. Looks like a fun swap.
    Country at heart