20 May 2011

Sewing Help

Hi, everyone as some of you know I would like to get back into sewing and need some advice. I have 2 mini sewing machines (the kind used for scrap booking I think)and was wondering if those would work to attempt small bowl fillers. I have a bigger one on order ( basic computerized one cant wait) but thought it might be easier to use the small one. What does everyone use to do small SIMPLE stuff, my thinking is the stitches might not be right on the smaller machines, I dont have anything to lose by trying but just want some advice. Thanks


  1. Tam,
    You can try the smaller machines and if that doesn't work, then wait for your new machine.
    Try the small ones for little pieces of fabric to see how it sews. If it is for paper, then it might make too big of holes for fabric.
    Good luck, You'll enjoy your new machine.
    Country at heart

  2. I would try it and see what happens! If the needle is set for paper & too big you could try to switch it out with a smaller one...you've got nothing to lose!! Good luck & happy sewing with your new machine when it comes! ~Kriss~