10 May 2011

So busy

I love summer but I don't get much crafting done. I work my weekends in the greenhouse which I love but that doesn't give me any time to craft. On a positive note I have allot of supplies coming in but to busy to use them so I guess it's not that positive. Oh well I guess I'll just keep reading all the blogs and book mark all the ideas and get busy this fall!


  1. Tam ,
    Ahhhhhhhhh the greenhouse I love bein in there too , been long time for me though! Enjoy yourself the supplies will wait or you can send them all to me ! giggle giggle ! Take care of yourself , dont forget to breathe! Enjoy your week!
    lil raggedy angie

  2. Tam
    Don't get discouraged. You can make time for crafting somewhere I'm sure. You need me time. I know there doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day but I work 40 hours a week, take care of a farm and animals and a husband who is disabled. Not to mention driving almost two hours to babysit my granddaughter when my daughter has a doctors appointment.
    I too had not done any crafting for the last two years since my mother had breast cancer and then passed away. I had to do this for me. It helps me de-stress. Besides I have met a lot of nice friends with encouraging words since I started blogging.
    Hang in there, you can do it.
    Country at heart