23 February 2012

Grungy jar help

Once again, I'm asking all my primnastic blogging friends for help. I tried awhile back to grungy jars/cans what am I doing wrong? I have tried the modge podge method, spray paint then sprinkling on stuff, the only thing I found that works is the textured rustolium paint (but that costly). I think I will try again this weekend with the modge podge and let dry good in between coats. It was quite awhile ago I tried and don't think I let them dry. That's the only thing I can think of,this shouldn't be this complicated. Any tips anyone?


  1. Sorry Tammy ~ I haven't tried grunging jars or cans. Hope you can figure it out.
    Prim Blessings

  2. Tam, I haven't tried grunging jars or cans but have always wanted to. I have seen some blogs that have tutorials on how. Looks kinda messy and I hate to make a mess. Maybe that is why I haven't tried it yet. Good luck on your try.
    Country at heart

  3. Hey Tam.. I have done the grungy jars, glass candle holders.. etc.. I can sure explain how I do it to you if you want me to email you.

  4. You might try the modge podge and then roll them in cinnamon or dip them in wax and then roll them in cinnamon and then dip them, again. Thanks for stopping by.