26 June 2011

Block Help

Hi everyone, asking for some help again (thanks in advance0 I had a friend who asked me If I could make her a stack of blocks similar to the ones I received from Dee Begg she would like a crow stencil and some sayings so my question is where can I order the stencils and where to you get the block wood? I checked Lowes but I don't think I looked in the right spot (what is the block wood called). Any help is greatly appreciated.


  1. Hi Tam.
    I buy my wood at Menards ~ for board signs I use select pine and for what you are going to make I would use solid aspen ~ you would have to measure the width of the board to see what size Dee used. I just bought some that are 1" x 2" x 8ft. long. You can find stencil companies on Ebay that do custom stencils and sell their designs. Folk Art from the Harbor is a great place to start. I hoped that helped you out ~ any ??? just email me.
    Prim Blessings

  2. Tam,

    Hey, I use hem/fir or pine in the 2" thickness. My hubby cuts the sizes I need for the blocks I want. It comes in various widths and lengths...as an example, 2"x6"x8'. We just pick it up at Home Depot. I try to look for pieces that are clearer or have the least amount of knots in it. The last piece I bought was really nice and clear but the hubby had to plane it down as it warped once we brought it home.

    Does your friend have a table saw? That's how my hubby cuts ours. I don't know of anyone that sells it already cut though.

    As for stencils, there are lots of companies online and on ebay. I make my own as I have a stencil cutter. You might want to goggle search for crow stencils and see what comes up. Stencils that are words are a little trickier to search for, but not impossible.

    If you need anything else, just give a holler!