29 June 2011

candle redo opnion

Hi, everyone you all know them UGLY plain white electric candles well here it is spray painted black (I think I need to put a coat of sealer on it)and a little crow shade. I like it much better but still a little plain so I want to add some sort of base. Was thinking a flat basket or wooden tray but then how (is it possible) to run the cord thru a hole in the back of the tray/basket? I really don't want it over the side! I tried tearing a couple of them apart at xmas time for jar lights but that was a costly lesson learned, they never worked.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe you could try to use a drill bit that's a little larger than the cord to drill a hole threw a basket. I'd put some tape on it first to help it not splinter. The lamp looks cute, nice job! ~Kriss~