17 June 2011

Pipberry Help

Hi, everyone I need a little help. I have some Pip berry garland and I want to make some flower arrangements with it so I need to turn them into picks. My thinking is to cut of a piece off and floral tape it to a skewer. I'm sure people have taken apart the garland before any other suggestions on a way to make them into picks/ Thanks everyone for all your ideas and suggestions!


  1. Tam,
    That would work fine I think. You could use some brown paper twist and fine brown wire and wrap them. If you are going to make baskets use the green. The brown would work for other things like grapevine wreaths. The brown would blend in better.
    Hope this helps.
    Country at heart

  2. Tam,

    I use garland as picks all the time. I unwrap the outer over wire and then pull off the berry strands. I take 2 or 3, straighten out their wire and then twist them together making a pick point so to speak, then stick them in the arrangement. I make silicone lighted things this way all the time. I think I have one or two on my website so you can see the effect I get with them. They pretty much stay in place for me except when they have been to show after show...then I have to do a little maintenance to them every once in a while, but other than that they work fine. Hope that helps.