20 June 2011

Vickie's win arrived and yardsale find

My first blog win has arrived from Vickies art and its even cuter in person then the picture. I love them thanks Vicky she send me 2 sets! I think I'll take them to work and set them on my desk.

.50 cent yard sale find. I'm gonna attempt to antique it (never tried before) Basically what I think I need to do is Step 1= Sand it, Step 2=Stain it, Step 3= Paint it, Step 4= Sand edges is this kinda correct?


  1. Tam,
    Love your win from Vicky. Very cute!
    Good yard sale find, very unique. Can't wait to
    see the redo on it.
    Country at heart

  2. Hey what an awesome win from Vicky . Love your yard sale find, it is so different. The way I antique is to :1. lightly sand and clean with cloth to get rid of dust 2. Paint and let dry,3. Sand the edges and any where that would get a lot of wear.4.stain or use brown shoe polish.Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.Hugs,Jen

  3. Nice win and yard sale find. Good luck re-doing it, it's very easy, you'll do fine! If you want a different color to show threw too just add a base coat of that under your top color. ~Kriss~