28 June 2012

How to stop following blogs?

Hi everyone, there are some blogs I don't want to follow anymore, how do I  delete them when theres no unscribe button/  Thanks


  1. Good morning,

    I think I can help you - just go into your old interface (click on the little wheel symbol at the top right of your page. Go to old interface and there you will see your list of "Blogs That I Follow". If you need help just e-mail me.

    Have a fantastic day.


    1. I see the list on the left of my dashboard but no option to delete them, I tried right clicking.....

  2. Hey Tam, go to the persons blog home page. Click the follow button and a screen will pop up saying you already follow this blog AND an UNfollow option will be there too. Just click on unfollow. This is the easiest way. Hope that helps :-)